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I'm trying to build my mask and helmet collection and I've decide that pep would be the best way to go for me because lets face it i am no artist and cant sculpt worth a crap. Are there any more pep files for anything other than MC? Two of the helmets i would like to have the most are Predator and Green Goblin. But i am open to pretty much anything.
do you think that there are files in ares? i would love to make some mini pep anime characters and like you im no artist but i love these things
You can check out slyfo's high detail Halo 3 models for halo stuff. He has a lot of files coming on, and they are all high detail.

As for anime and other models, you might be searching for those in other areas.
There are a lot of sites that have downloadable free 3-D models like scifi3d. For example... I downloaded a Predator from there, clicked view objects or whatever it is, and turned everything but the head off. You then just scale and print. It's gonna be really hard though because they are pretty high quality models.
P32 said:
If you are in to Gundam there are a few out there.

Only thing with Gundam/Transformers/Robot costumes is that they aren't built to be worn by humans... : /

Thats why I'm kinda partial to MJOLNIR armor :p As well as Ironman and Samus....

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