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hey to all just trying to show off my pics so be nice not trying to make
threads so just look but to everyone else thanks


so hope you like later to paint mybe fiberglass
It looks great, but there was no need to pot a-whole-nother topic when you've already got two others.

Just edit one of them or post an update.
your needing some image link assitance there buddy. :$ops:

1. Paste your image link into the text window.

2. Highlight the text of the link.

3. Click on the 'IMG' button above the text window.

4. Preview your posts before you submit, so you know it works.

That should help...

oh, and you can go back and edit your previous posts to fix your links.... hit the 'edit' button at the far right of the post you want to change.

Good luck.
Lol i tried to repost your images but couldn't lol...nice though.




There ya go finally...And hey I went back to the hosting place to re find the url for the images...and if you don't mind me asking who are the ppl on there?
Nice work, now all it needs is a little resin on the barrels (cuz it is paper) and some color. good work.
on second thought
you should have used the heavy duty poster cardboard tubes as barrels, you wouldnt even need to resin them
Very good rocket launcher. Looks just like the game, albiet the handgrips looks a little small. But good work :mrgreen: !!
im guessing you doing the cheaper way on this, i would have used PVC pipes for the barrels

and this is the forth thread on the same RL by the same guy, way cant youkeep it in the same post
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