Aloy Horizon Zero Dawn Bow Build


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If any of you follow me on Instagram or on the 405th you know that I recently did an Aloy spear build (Sorry for not having the finished product up yet, I am currently 1000 miles away from it on a job assignment). So while away, I have been working on my Spartan Linda-058 armor and Aloy's sharpshot bow. The bow itself is 3D printed by a good friend of mine and then he shipped it to me where I glued, sanded, bondoed, sanded again, bondoed again, sanded, primed, painted, and added details! Currently it is to the point where I can bring it to cons and do photo shoots, but I do have plans to add springs to certain spots so that when I pull the string the bow flexes. Right now I have the points fixed because I cannot find any proper springs. My friend 3D printed some screws for the attachment points, but all they caused me was 3 days of a headache and multiple failed attempts and breakages of those screws. Sadly some of those screws were stuck soooo tight that I actually had to drill it out. The points are now held together by 3 (or 3.5?) inch bolts so I still get the movement of the parts I want while everything holds together nicely without the risk of those 3D printed screws breaking on me. I hope you guys enjoy it because it was fun for me to do! Aloy is a character I love and I find her to be an inspiring role model. If there are any questions feel free to ask!




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