Aloy Horizon Zero Dawn Spear Build


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Hey everyone!! This is going to be my first non-halo post. Horizon Zero Dawn is one of my favorite video games and Aloy is such an inspiring female role. I am cosplaying as her and have built/made 95% of my own cosplay. Here is the progress of the spear that she uses. It is made from a 2x4 that was then shaven, sanded, and stained to measurements from the game. The other accessories are made from various foam. I am thinking of possibly remaking it out of sintra PVC foam board for a more firm hold and shape. I am also ordering a red wig and going to do my best at making it look like her hair. Granted this will be my first wig so cross your fingers and wish me luck!! The spear is roughly 95% done in these photos.




I don't know if you have seen it. But Kamui on YouTube as a pretty nice tutorial on how she did Aloy's wig if you're looking for a jumping off point!
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