Alright, so I'm in need of some more assistance...

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Alright, well, I began construction of my armor like two days ago, and so far, I've finished the entire right arm and the whole chest.
Here's my problem:
The right arm came out really well. It fit perfectly.

The chest-piece wouldn't fit my 12-year-old 4'4" brother.

What happened?

I read the FAQ on scaling before I even started printing or anything...and I scaled it right...I just don't understand why it's so small.
Or am I missing something?

Also note, I'm a really skinny guy, at 6'2" and 130 lbs.

Any help is much appreciated.
If you scaled it perfectly, it would fit you perfectly.

On occasion, different parts of the armor require different scales depending on the person involved. Remember, the original model is built for a 7' 2" super soldier, yet us mere mortals come in many shapes and sizes. You'll have to adjust the scale for each piece accordingly. For instance, the helmet's scale will be a lot bigger than the rest of your armor. I'm 5' 7" and I used a master scale of 24.7 for everything (I did the fitting post-glue, removing material and re-gluing over new seams), yet did the helmet at 29 or 30 (I have a big squash).
Lol, yeah, I know I must have messed up somewhere, but I just didn't know where, or what I did.
My master scale was 25.7554186, and I used that on both pieces to the right arm, and they came out really well.

I used it on the chest, and nowhere near it...but how would I know how much to increase it by?
I mean, do I just use a trial by error, or is there another formula?

And also, should all the pieces fit on the paper? Cuz as is, I had trouble getting it all on there.
I'm thinking I'd need to probably double it, or something...but it wouldn't fit on paper then, would it?

Sorry again for all the noobie
And thanks.
Pepakura Designer will tell you the assembled size of the model in centimeters in the lower right corner. You can use that as a guide, but it will be a bit of trial and error until you get what you want.

Are you printing on Letter-size paper? You have to adjust that in Print & Paper Configuration. When you do print, you might get a dialog box prompting you to scale your armor. Hit No and print anyway (that's just the default when your PC thinks you are going to print past the edge). If you hit Yes, your art gets scaled down to something smaller - this equals disaster. If your lines do vanish off the page, it will only be for a short distance and you can usually guess where the ends are, and you can always check in Pepakura Designer at the piece you're working on to be sure.

Also, if you've got a piece that absolutely won't fit on a page, you can hit Ctrl+N and get the Divide/Connect Face tool. I've used it to both separate a large piece, or join several little guys together (who love to run off the end of my desk and disappear forever).

BTW, make sure you're using cardstock. I'm sure you are, but we've seen a whole pile of threads from people who did everything in regular printer paper only to find out later that they were hosed (printer paper can't withstand resin).
Lol thanks, I think you just gave me the solution to my problem- I kept hitting yes when it asked to re-scale, or whatever. I'm dumb as rocks, and I really didn't even comprehend what it was asking me.

But yes, I am printing on letter paper, and I did adjust it in the Printer Configuration section. I read all the TUTS and tried to understand them as far as I could.
And yes, I am also using Cardstock. (110 lb, like was recommended)
I have been rather pleased with it, as I have found it fairly easy to work with, though I sometimes have trouble folding it.
This could be in part because I didn't understand the FAQ on good folds, and all this talk of exacto's...

Ctrl+N, huh? That's neat, thanks for the tip.
Monk said:
...though I sometimes have trouble folding it.
Take a peek at this thread on folding - it'll add some time to your build, but definitely worth it. If you don't want to use 2 diff pens, you can just draw squigglies on the valley fold lines after you've scored them.
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Lol yeah okay that makes a little more sense now...thanks.
And yeah, I figured out my REAL problem- I'm a complete and total idiot.

I had it on upside down.
And backwards.

No wonder it didn't fit right...
Though it is still a wee bit small.
I'm probably going to just do what you said and click no, and hope that fixes everything.

Thanks again for all of your help, bro, it is much appreciated!
And I apologize again for asking such newbie
did u keep the scale number the same... like mine was 28.56389 and ive kept it the same the whole way and nothing hasnt fit
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