Alternative Hardening Materials?


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Hello all.

Had to leave my WIP Spartan EVA armor back at the house when I came down on orders for Korea. Well, boredom got the better of me so I decided to make another set. Just finished the initial gluing of the last of the pepakura pattern, minus the visor, as It's only in there for support. I've seen many of these builds hardened up with fiberglass resin, but since I am a Geo Bachelor in the barracks now, I am limited in the materials I am allowed to use in a somewhat limited work space. Anyone have any tried and true methods that have yielded positive results? I'm trying to get a full set done in time for the Halloween Battalion Run in October, and would like some suggestions that aren't likely to kill me from fumes. :) The finished (step 1) pepakura model. Mark VI model (Final FS version) Thank you to the original creator, who made it available here!



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Have you thought about going fully EVA? If you are determined to go w/ a hard version, perhaps a paper mache version. I've used a PVC glue watered down and strips of cloth on the inside of helmets and that really worked. Unfortunately that doesn't really help on the outer portion of the build, but if you apply enough layers of glue on the outside, you might be able to sand the outer portion smooth. That I've never tried though so I can only guess at the outcome.


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I know the struggle tried making a suit in the barracks here ran into kinda the same problem. I used some stuff back in High school its called Aqua Resin. Its a non-toxic resin no fumes or smell. You can add fiber glass to it ( I used Flakes) for the inside and its almost like a plaster so I just layed it on the outside in a thin layer and sanded the rough spots with a dremel and sand paper. I used it for my Forearms pieces on my first suit and its the only pieces that didnt fall apart from that suit.
HOME <---- Thats the link to aqua resins website.
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