Alternatives to Fiberglass?


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Hello guys, I deeply apologize if this was posted in the wrong section of the forum but I'm still new to cosplaying and already had a few builds going on recently using papers instead of foam. And I was just wondering if there's any alternatives to fiberglass? I live in a part of a country where fiberglass resin is quite uncommon, yet rare to be sold in hardware stores and I've also heard that acrylic sealers would be a good alternative for it but not sturdy as fiberglass would do. Any suggestion or tips?

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I would say rondo but you need resin for that too.
Just get resin off AmazoEDIT: you don't live in USA oops. Order it off online supplier or for in store pickup. Otherwise I'm not sure


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Here is a very old thread on using Hot Glue to strengthen a pepakura piece. The thread is 10 years old, so don't expect the Thread Creator to be able to answer questions, and as always you need to be careful with hot glue if you get high temperatures where you live, as the hot glue itself might start to melt out in the sun and the heat:
TUTORIAL: The Totally Offical "Hot glue Method" Method.


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I've also heard of using wood glue and just painting the inside in light coats. Never tried it myself but might be worth a look. If you go with a heavy coat, you'll probably risk warping the paper. Take a look here or here to get an idea of how it is done . Mind you, this is not the best way to do this, but a somewhat inferior substitute. Fiberglass resin is still the strongest, most reliable in my opinion. I've also heard good things about smooth-on resin mix.
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