Am I doing this right?

Yes, I read EVERY sticky tutorial. I am however not artistically inclined whatsoever. I just want to make sure I'm on the right track here and don't want to continue if I'm doing something wrong. Please let me know if this looks right

Right Forearm



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i think so. the closed hole is just for support. you can cut that out after resining. what's that box for though...?


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You're using the H2 files. The hand plates are in the same files as the lower arm pieces. If you need to make halo 3 hand plates, make robogen's, they are very easy and very detailed.
lionheart912 said:
Wow, haven't seen a Halo 2 model for a while. Looks great, keep it up. Yeah, robogen's handplates are the stuff.
Can I just swap out the handplates? Or would I need to remake the entire forearm?
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You'd need to download, and cut them out, robo's hand plates don't include the arm pieces, so you'll be fine.