Am i the only one without a box for H3

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well, u can get a new core for like 280 new, prolly 220 used, and maybe u could finance it if u get it through bestbuy or just get it on a CC and deal with the interest.
You're not alone. I am scrounging for cash for an H3 version of the Xbox to compliment the Legendary I just bought.

*Sigh* mortgages and utilities and taxes. Some day, 405th youth, you will understand. All for the love of our hobbies.

You could always pick up a "pre-owned" 360 at the Game stores (EBG, GS, etc.). All depends on your situation.
i just went to my friends and played it then after that me and him just play multiplayer on xbox live and crap, im still not use to the controls lol i press x when im by a banshee and a trip mine lands by it but its funny so heh.
Yeah, you aren't alone. Unfortunately, I haven't a copy of Halo 3 and I still have no Xbox 360. I'll still get to play the game this weekend, though. My brother's got it now and I can't wait till then.
I bought the Legendary edition, and I don't have a Xbox 360. I'm going to invade my friend's house this weekend for some button-mashing. I left my game at her house because she doesn't have Halo 3 yet. I hope she didn't leave fingerprints on my helmet or scratch the discs...
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