An open letter to PaigeMaster


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I don't care if you see this or not.
I just didn't have the chance to post this in the other thread.

PaigeMaster;646805 said:
Then please, feel free to. I'm not wasting my time trying to provide for a community that, for the most part, is pretty gods-darned thankless with how it receives them.

If the files are so easy to obtain, extract and post, then please - do so. I do hope that being sharing and caring makes you feel so much nicer and fuzzier than it has me, because I, frankly, am tired of giving and not receiving.

I'm done. Well done, 405th, for completely burning out my desire to be a sharing member of the community.
What is it that you want to receive? What is it that you so desperately desire? Praise? Recognition? You can still have these, but sometimes they take time.
Let me give you a more personal example.

I used have a bit of attitude, way back when I was still modding HCE, and I might have gotten an infraction or two on a couple of forums - but then I moved on, I didn't need them. I started focusing my interests into areas like animation and filmmaking, things which are still a passion for me. Eventually, I found my way here - it took a while, and I'm still not perfect at building armour (especially the glassing stage), but I settled in. Here was a community that was actually nice, where most of the members were polite and courteous.

After the announce of Reach, I fired up 3ds and started trying to contribute models based on what we had in the beta. Over time, that thread got ridiculously long, and many of the links were "dying off". People were posting about how "x link is dead" and "how come no-one has made x file yet?", and I have to admit - it is a bit annoying.
So here it is, a quote from a kids movie. Robots, to be exact.
"See a need, fill a need."
I saw a need, and I stepped in to fill it.

Some people might remember the "405th Armoury" images back in the Reach thread, where I was just using coloured overlays to represent whether certain parts had been made or not - and it helped. People knew which files to stop asking for, and I'd post an updated one roughly every two weeks.

Eventually, there were too many dead links. I'd been "hoarding" them as they were released, and basically had all of them - and I knew I could help. I organised them all in folders, uploaded the lot of them, and posted a link to the directory.

Once again, I saw a need and stepped in to fill it.
That directory was the original Reach Database. That was two years ago.

Currently, the Database is in its fourth iteration, and has over seven hundred files, spanning every Halo game and then some.
The Database is me, giving back to the forums that have given so much to me already.
And do you know what? I ask for nothing in return. I admit, it does give me a warm, fuzzy feeling when new members point each other to the Database - even if they don't know the work, or even who is behind it. Why? Because that is enough thanks in itself.
It is a selfless act - the service of others, not a selfish one. You cannot serve others with only a mind for your own interests - it just won't work.

The mods and admins serve the community in a way you and I cannot fully comprehend - investing hours each day to make sure this place doesn't fall to pieces - and they receive as little in return as I do. It is the thanks and appreciation from others, and the little contributions that keep this place together - and keeps us going. It is the satisfaction of a job well done, even knowing that you are the one who gives the most, yet receives the least.

I don't want to bore you with my life story - just challenge you to see things from a different perspective.

It is this community that has helped me find HONOUR once again.
Along the way, I learned how to make some kick-ass ARMOUR.
Then I learned the value of the UNITY in community.

These are our tenets - our motto - our creed.
Best remember what they truly mean.

I have not read the original post. I have not read the thread that ended with the above post. I would like to take this opportunity to say that I have neither the skill or ability to make models or unfold them. The only way I can contribute to this community is to comment and keep people both old and new inspired to continue their works. My ability only extends as far as making the suits and items and maybe the occasional resizing and reorganising of the pep file itself for A4 paper.

This community is one thing that lets me build and converse with people that are below my level, people that are on the same level and people that are far above my own level. We have all been inspired by people that we have never met. There are people out there that put so much time and effort into the 405th that it astounds me. People like zombiegrimm spend so much time and effort making and unfolding models. There are other people that put just as much time if not more into providing for us.

The best way for any of us to give back is to make their models and tell them what needs improving. That way they know just how many people admire them and respect them for they have accomplished and what they have helped us accomplished. Since I joined this community, I have seen several people start time and time again the same project just to get it right. To put some things on here that look like a bomb hit it to things that look like they came out of a professional prop construction facility.

I for one, have been given the inspiration from this community to approach certain things in my own life that helped things turn out smoothly rather than a total **** fight! All that just from reading how some people start off timid and cautious watch their suits and items start out as simple and boring, a little crude, but honest. Then the comments start pouring in. Try this..... should have done it that way....... Look at this thread it might help...... Check this video should help explain a bit.......

I will never leave this website. The 405th Infantry Devision is my place of refuge. I am ex-Military myself, although i was in artillery. Iv'e seen things that make me want to cry, laugh and shoot first. This website has the ability to do all of that as well. Sometimes you want to laugh at some, sometimes you want to throw a brick at them. But most of the time we band together and support them. We help them through their problems and the end result is nothing short of awesomeness.

To all the people out there, the noobs the infantry and the elite...