and then I saw it... (a continuation of the RP thread on the 405th Backup site)

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...night-time in the bunker. some Spam bombs boom in the distance, most bang danger-close. lights flicker and dust falls from each echo in the night. Spartans and ODSTs( us) scurry around the rooms lined with wooden pallets and dirt, some fellow soldiers carry intel papers and recon reports to-and-fro other sections of this filthy laberynth. whistles of bombs crack in the night; all are exausted, others like Project 003 can't even type properly dueto the lack of sleep being it so late in the twilight. this hellfire has been nonstop for days... when will it stop? Diary walks around looking for some ammo to load up his SMGs and Shotgun, the Spartan is growing impatiant waiting to kill spam bots. but he must wait for renforcements! Diary then goes to talk to Project 003. "What's our status,sir?" "well, recon cells reported in a few minutes ago. we still can't find out where this is all coming from, the tryjectory from the Spam bombs suggests that the bombs are falling at a pefect 90 degree angle. it's like the sky is trying to kills us." project chuckled, as if waiting for an ironic twist or pun, but there was none. he handed another spartan the reports and got up from his seat to walk over to a small rectangular window, peering out onto the night time hell that was once their home; their community; their lives. looking at the distant flashes of the spam bomb bursting into letters of "FFFFFFFFFFF" and "AAAAAAAAAAA".

After hearing this...Diary walked away fustrated, hitting the wall. As a result...the wall got bent out of shape due to the spartans strength. "When will this end?" he thought. he took a peak outside the window to scan the area. "Project, I hope you have a way out of this fight...and where are those reniforcements?"

still staring off into the howling dark, he spoke, unflinching, "there will be none." he turned towards Diaryboy and put a hand on his shoulder, Project's eyes were bloodshot and bags full of restless alert, he replied in a low tone, " sometimes fighting isn't the way to win, sometimes we must hide, or run in order to survive." project removed his hand and glanced over his shoulder to the window, "besides, if we had reniforcements they'd be turned into ground beef by the time they made it half way here." his face dropped and he returned to his chair, staring at his helmet on the table in front of him. "all we can do is wait. I'm sorry."

Suddenly a new figure was heard in the distance. As everyone in the bunker grabed their weapons to prepare for a battle, a figure could be seen. The figure was strange, like a man with glowing green tubing filled with strange liquids pumping into its suit, and it had strange devices by its side. On its back there seemed to be a spartan... or whats left of him.

As the bunker dwellers prepared for a gunfight, they heard a banging on the blast door. from behing a faint hell could be heard. "Let me in! I'm Medical Agent Sdhoigt! I have wounded!" As the door opened they discovered that the green figure was this medic.
"thank god i found you guys..." Sdhoigt began "How long have you been out here?"

Project jumped to his feet, his mental state was given a recharge due to the sudden spike in action around the enterance of the bunker. "forget about us! what about you?" the noise of the Spam was overwhelming from outside, they quickly shut the Steel hatch, "where did you come from? I thought the 405th forum was bombed flat, how did you survive?" Project motioned a pair of ODSTs to assist the wounded into the infirmary, at the same time, checking the WIA's pulse and removing the SPARTAN's helmet to check for a retnal reaction.

Sdhoigt began to laugh. "Its because my gear is kind of... different from yours." He pointed to a strange gun-like device on his belt, "this thing is a feedback healer. simplest way to put it to all you soldiers is that when i heal someone, it feedbacks into me. that spartan i brought back was as much for me as it was for him." he grinned as he continued his explination, "And for how i survived the initial attack... lets just say my gear isnt made of the same material yours is." He began to break out laughing "in fact, where i'm from i've seen much worse than this!".

looking back at the wounded Spartan, he managed to shrug off the gorey scene and stuff it in the back of his mind. "then Let's get aquainted Doc, I'm Project003, a Spartan III of the 405th Infantry Division." project stuck out a hand, but continued to another topic, still staring into the man's Helmet, as if he could see right through. "will my Spartan live? are you injured?" a wounded ODST limped over to examine the Medical Agent's Armor, "that's some get-up you got there doc, what is it?"

After sdhoigt arivied, Diary was glad at least someone had the balls to go through that huge bombing...and his gear, how did he get Diary thought this, sdhoigt walked towards Diary, "What's your name, Spartan?" "My name is Diaryboy, but feel free to call me Diary, oh i'm also a Spartan III along with Project...and who are you?", "I'm sdhoigt..." After a bit of chating, Diary decided to kill some time by trying to repair the 2 warthogs...

after the night was over project began to slumber off into a light sleep, the last thing he needs is the same thing to happen again but on the verge of having sleep deprevation. after he awoke, he was not surprised that the bombs were still going. like rain. he eventually managed to mark another day down in his calender, he scratched out the number "15", day 15 of this hellish ordeal.

Waking up the next morning, Diary was getting tired of the noise, he saw a Marine trying to kill himself, but Project helped the marine calm down. Diary then went around to look for sdhoigt but couldn't find him in this entire base, but then he found sdhoigt treating a wounded ODST, so he let him be, Diary then found a crate of weapons around the ruins of what was their communation bay, he found some ARs, 3 BRs, a Sniper Rifle, and a few frags and took it all back to Project for safekeeping...

Suddenly a cry was heard from the control room. As everyone rushed to see what was going on, they found a message on the screen: Here's the plan guys. We're switching over to vBulletin and hopefully importing all posts from the IPB we're using. As everyone gave a sigh of relief, excitement grew aparent in some, while despair was seen in others. "We have a plan!" some cried in joy, while others became worried about their own threads. "Either way, whats a few extra minutes of typing for those who lost their threads, over never getting our entire site back. A thread can be replaced, the 405th can't. Either way, we'll just have to wait and see..." as the news came, Diary's frown turned to a smile, the war was almost over, everything was going to be ok! As Diary celebrated this victory, a door blew up right next to him...the spam got in! Diary called for backup while shooting his dual SMGs! he ran for the door and activated the emergency door switich, and as the bomb went near him, the door slam shut and he breathed a sigh of relief. Later in the day, a marine computer technician by the name of Jake sat in the corner of the bunker scanning the screen of the computer in his lap. He was trying to find out any info about the enemy that he could, but connecting to the their B-net was extremely difficult, especially without the aid of an AI. He had been at this too long. I haven't slept in over 37 hours he thought. Scraps of info were few and far in between. Not to mention that most of it was unimportant. Just as he was about to close the laptop computer and get some hard earned shut eye he noticed a strong connection to the enemy B-net. His fingers hit the keys so fast that they actually looked blured. Suddenly Jake's eyes widened to the size of dinner plates as he skimmed the info on the screen. The thought of sleep had completely left him mind. He had access to the full enemy b-net. "Project! Your going to want to see this....."

Project003 got up from his seat and walked over to the marine, "good news or bad news Jake?" Project leaned over his shoulder staring at the computer screen...

When Project and Jake were inspecting the info, Alex Spartan leaned forward and said, "Project I believe those are good news."
Jake turn with a face of confusion while looking at the huge spartan and said,"Who is this guy?"
Project smacked Jake in the head and responded, "This guy is who saved us all,.... he built this bunker to give us a chance of survival"
Jake, surprised he turned his headand replied, "Then why havent I heard of him?"
"Because he....", Alex interrupted, "lets just say I have been working on a secret project"
Alex walked away while looking at a window.
project disregarded the Marine's abillity to not show respect to Spartans, but he couldn't blame him. we all became informal during these past 16 days. Project replied to his comment, "it all has to do with the Genectic agmutations we are each given. he just grew bigger." Project turned to Alex and held out his hand, "good to see you Alex."


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20 minutes later, Diary ran over to Project! "Sir! the spambots have gotten inside the base!!! I shot a few but got quickly overwelmed...thank god I trapped them...:" Project picked up an AR and asked : "where are they?" "Get some men and follow me" replied Diary. So Project, Diary and some ODSTs ran down the corridor to stop this madness before it starts destroying the bunker...

"don't fire until you have identified the enemy." Project said quietly, the randomness of an inner infiltration by Spam caused him to forget to grab his helmet, a deadly mistake. he could only hope that these bots arn't very good at aiming for vital extremities..." where did Alex go?" he thought all of a sudden, he could only hope that he would be able to make a flanking position towards these Spam bots. "yes sir!" Diary replied while still aiming his shotgun. his ordered a ODST to lend him a helmet with VISR Mode. the ODST took off the helmet and gave it to Diary. As he wore it and activated the VISR Mode...he was able to scan the area and figure out which ones were allies and which ones were enemies. "five contacts sir!" Diary said. "all are enemies! permission to fire, sir?" "Yes Private," Alex replied while he threw the helmet at Project. Project nodded and activated his HUD.
While Project, Dairy and the other ODSTs were fighting off the SPAM-bots away from the bunker, Alex took a sniper and headed outside through a secret underground pathway.
In Project's side all you could see spam-bots falling down in the distance. Diary turned around and said, "It looks like Alex is taking advantage of the situation." After a fighting off the bots, Project heard something in the bunker. He headed inside, Jake turned to him and said, "Project, It looks like we have more good news."
Project smiled inside his helm. Hearing about the good news, Diary looked back to listen, but as he turned his head, a spambot blew up right next to him, shattering his SPI Helmet in half...but he was still fighting while falling back for cover! "Project! do you want me to get the Warthog?" "get your ass inside spartan! that's an order!" Project was fortunate enough to be equipted with his MKVI CQB armor, but knowing that these new, more "efficiant" S-III suits, dairy wouldn't last 10 seconds out in the open, not with these bombs going off; and certainly not without a shield generator. Dairy's back stiffened as he sprinted to the hatch, it closed, and project was able to treat the minor cuts from the fragments of helmet glass and electronics that peppered the young Spartan's head and hair. without removing his helmet, project asked, "going out there was reckless, you know better than that..." then Project whispered, "great job."
Diary was bleeding from his forehead, it wasn't severe, but Diary should have known not to have let himself get distracted while in a firefight...but all he could do was grin...but as Project got up, Diary pushed him out of the way and kicked a spambot away from Project and shot it. "Woah!" Project said as he got up. Diary then passed his shotgun to Project and went to find sdhoigt to heal his wounds faster... "great shootin's Tex" project thought. he equipted the shot gun onto his back and walked over to the window remembering what the good news was, "We met our goal! (and more!). Thank you for your donations. You don't have to stop giving, but we've got enough to get the site back up. Stay tuned. (it'll be a couple days still!)"
Project smiled behind his helmet, a getsure that was taboo for spartans, showing emotion, but as Project looked out into "no man's land" his smile quickly faded, he could not see through the fog or the explosions, but as time passed, the bombs came slower and slower, we were winning. but how much was already lost?
We came from shadows casted from vehicles and we attacked as fuirously as nukes being disperced in the distance. We knew we wouldnt last long if the Longswords didnt get here before the bots get their heavy artillery out. Project raised his MA5B and burped out rounds through 5 of the spam bots, at the same time reminding himself why they were out there in No man's land: "to gain a foothold in the enemies now weakening offensive." they must push on, for the 405th forum. for their home. more popped out of their trenches, project caught them on his motion tracker and tossed a pair of frags, he knew the grenades made new friends... suddenly, a small mortar impacted just a few feet from Project, even with his 1,000 pound armor, and the bleeding-edge technology of his CQB's survivable endurence factor, he was thrown onto his side, and landed on the battle-tilled earth. a ringing echoed in his head, but he used his rifle butt as leverage to pull himself up. there was no stoping now, he can't quit. he quickly regained his stance and sprinted through the fog to catch up with the others that were fending off attackers in a, now secured, enemy trench. if they had taken the warthogs, they would be the biggest moving object out there for miles. nothing could miss it. not even Enemy Artillary.
Diary was shooting enemies with his AR and ran out of ammo, He told Alex on the radio that he was out of ammo and needed backup...

When Alex recieved the message, he headed directly back to base, not paying attention to any bots around his perimeter.
He quickly jumped in the trench and walked directly to a huge hole in the ground, where the 2 Warthogs and the the tank, that we tried to fix after the first attack, were stored in. A couple of marines helped Alex and the ODSTs give final adjustments to the machines...


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Every second I heard more and more bombs, so he hopped inside the majestic beast and rode away with my squad.
This things were heavily armored, thanks to Diary, so they took some heavy damage without hurting Alex or the passangers, Diary and Project were taking some heavy fire, but they manage to take some cover in a pile of spam bots. They impatiently waited for the hogs to come, but they knew If they tried to run back to the bunker, they will be easy kills. As Diary and Project were taking cover behind the spambot remains...there was the sound of a warthog's horn in the was speeding towards them, as Project and Diary continue shooting the spam, a ODST was hit with the remains of a nearby explosion. Project tried to heal the ODST while Diary took out a flare and threw it a few feet away to signal the warthogs. Although he know it was coming, the warthog never seemed to be coming fast enough. He looked over the ledge, and saw that it was never going to make it in time. He was shocked. He was trying to give Diary, Project, and the ODST some time to get to the warthogs Diary and Project each took out a pair of SMGs while the ODST took a Brute Shot he found on the ground! They started running for the hogs as fast as they can, shooting spam everywhere! as they were about to reach the hogs, there was a explosion in front of Diary, he fell on a can of Spam. This made Diary angry, he quickly got up as the warthogs arrivied and got in the passenger seat while Project was on the Gauss Cannon. After reaching the spartans, Alex drifted around a couple of heavy spam bots, and headed back to the bunker.
Project and Diary had a face of relief, but were relaxing instead of having a look out for any incomming spam-bots.
They didnt need to worry, because we saw a couple of Pelicans droping supplies and soldiers. We knew this were good news, but not enough to make us leave this horrible place. When the squad of spartans arrived to the base, they headed inside to get treated after surviving "No man´s land."
The next morning, at aprox. 05:30h, the building had seemed to be calm. there hadn't been any attacks since the battle the night before, the night patrol's were just coming off duty, and most of the spartans and ODSTs were just begining to wake up after a hard night's victory. "hey, do you hear that?" said one patroling ODST to his partner, as they were just about to be relieved. "You just heard to much spam last night... your ears are probably still out of it" replied his comrade. they took two more steps, and this time the second ODST stopped, and said "wait... was that it? like, a knocking sound?" He looked cautiously at the blast door. Surely noone could have survived that battle he thought. still, him and his partner cautiously moved forward, simultaniously calling for backup just to be safe. He looked at the monitor next to the door. the camera was visibly damaged, and all that could be seen was a green blur. they stood there staring for several minutes, not sure what to make of the situation, or what to do. Project, hearing the request for backup after he just woke up, suddenly walked into the room. "let him in," he said "he's on our side". Sdhoigt, visibly tired from knocking on that door for several hours, stepped into the bunker. He had taken his helmet off, and you could see the bags under his eyes. "you really gotta get a doorbell on this thing," he said with a smirk, "ive been standing out there all night knocking, and did anyone come to let me in? ... the guy who litterally JUMPED INTO THE ENEMIES TRENCHES USING ONLY A BIG KNIFE AND KILLED COUNTLESS BOTS AND SAVED THREE SPARTAN'S LIVES ALNG THE WAY. the answer is NOOOOOO... so if you don't mind... i'm going to sleep now." Sdhoigt litterally, still standing, fell asleep and began to snore. The ODST's, feeling slightly guilty, carried Sdhoigt to his quarters. the bombs were now apart of the ambiance as th sun rose from it's horison, the fog was so think, not even the might of our great Sun, Sol, couldn't penetrate this cloudy mass of the unknown. Project was mad. but he knew he couldn't show it, all he could do was check his gear, scrub his air filters in his suit, and mark off "Day 19" on his calender. they were going to finish this fight; and this time, they were going to make it all the way.their new mission: "retake the 405th forum site by 1400."
something told Project003 that morning that was sinking in his gut. this battle will take everything he's made of.
Diary was trying to fix the Warthog, along with some marines...yesterday's attempt to take back the fourms was hell...Alex walked into the garage to check the progress...Diary was kind of mad that Alex and Project, and himself couldn't save the fourms. So he just put down his tools, left the garage, picked up a Spartan Laser and a Shotgun and attempted to run into the warzone...hoping to stop the madness. "your forgeting about something Spartan." project stopped Diary. he turn around, "us". Project put on his helmet, grabbed his MA5B, grenades, and a M6G pistol, loaded his weapons, Alex did the same. suddenly, a group of Marines and ODSTs opened the hatch from inside the Bunker to the Garage, one popped his head out and said, "you can't really think you can make it alone without us can you sirs?" they poured out into the garage, "It's our home too." a Marine announced. this made Project hopeful. they were ready. so they charged from the garage. Tanks, warthogs, men and all.

they charged with a roaring thunder.

Project and dairy were under heavy fire behind a destryed scorpion. there were spam bots closing in on them, and most of their squad's marines were either wounded or dead. As dairy began to think that it was over, and tha he might not make it out of there alive. he then heard a faint FWOOSH sound and a voice came from behind him. "Arent you getting tired of me having to come and save your ass?" He turned around to see sdhoigt, with his healing gun out and healing several marines. Soon their forces were back at near full strength, and began to push back the bots that were surrounding them. While Sdhoigt was healing the injured marines and ODSTs, Alex knew that this was almost over but If they didnt fight back, it will be over for us. We spartans kept fighting, because we knew, "Spartans Never Die, They are just Missing in Action". Project gave the command to advance, so they did: into an enemy trench...again. they swiftly dispatched the targets, project apologized over Private COM with Sdhoigt, "sorry about that, I thought you knew." they quickly regained control of the trench, soon after that, another trench was taken, and another and another. it seemed as though they were winning... Project didn't like it.


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...but they continuted to fight. wave after wave, Project and the rest of the 405th Infantry shot down bot after bot. but something was jaring in the back of Project003's mind, "one day, the forum will fall." since the beginning, Project has been with forums like the 405th, each time they fought off an enemy spam bot or a ddos attack, they just came back, but stronger and stronger. one day, the 405th will meet it's match. but it will not be this day. Project stuffed that mental image into the back of his mind, "nothing lasts forever". then, something struck the Spartan that terrified him. the reason why they were einning so easily: he couldn't hear the mortars. but it was too late. the ememy spam began to fall from the sky as it did before. they fell right into the ddos' trap. soon, mortars began to pinpoint their location with only a few impacts, but even knowing this, they could not afford to stop and retreat now. as Project continued to fight, the noise had stopped. against all of the sounds of Spam, gunfire, and explosions. a simple and slow Piano tune played in his head. A mortar went off only feet away from his body, everyone was knocked on the ground. Project shook off the confusion and proped himself up with his MA5B, He had to make it to the forums. he had to know...
The Piano still played.
he had noticed that a piece of shrapnel had punctured the side of his Rifle, all he had left was a pair of grenades and 45 rounds for his Pistol.
th Piano was hypnotizing.
"was this the sound one hears before he's hit by a mortar?" project thought to himself. He stood. amist the carnage, and the distruction of the land of the internet. he faced the enemy. whether he was coming back or not, he ran. towards the spam.
the Piano in his head didn't stop playing.
he began to run, then into a sprint, he tossed a grenade left, then another right. and explosion blased behind him, and he flipped end over end until he landed face down in the battle tilled earth.
the Piano still played soft and simple.
his shields were gone, and he tasted a faint hint of copper. still he pressed on.
and so did the Piano.
Project got up, covered in mud, and began to limp, then he began to run. up and over gigantic holes caused by the explosive power of a ddos mortar. for miles and miles he ran, but then slowed to a limp. he was blind in the fog, but he had not seen nor heard of a single enemy attack for hours. the War was won. but at what cost? he had blindingly charged into unkown territory, without support, with only a pistol and his symptoms of a mild concussion that turned into the form of Piano music. it wasn't until he saw the forum for himself. he dropped to his knees. all was silent. not even the piano played. not a single soul, nor the rustling of the winds made such a noise as the defining silence. Project003 had to hear and see it for himself. so he removed his helmet, and smelt the gunsmoke air that choked his lungs... home would never be the same.

Project breathed in the gunsmoke air. the fog had cleared, and the ddos was gone. he saw a wastleland of what was once his home. his friends list deleted. and all of his saved threads were gone as well. his gaze never broke from the horizon of distruction. all was quiet. all was destroyed. but yet, even after seeing this 405th wasteland, he managed to stand back up from the mud to notice a sunrise off in the distance. pdale_battlefield.jpg

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