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So I've been wanting to build a set of armor for the past few years, but only recently had enough time to actually look into it. I'm seeing several different methods- foam, fiberglass, and straight up papercraft. So at this point... I have no idea where to begin. I've asked a few questions on reddit and a few other places, but several people pointed me here.

As far as the design goes, I want to make a standard MJOLNIR set, with a scout helmet. I'm not picky on the armor details itself, but figure I'll look more into that after I get the helmet looking nice. I want it to be sturdy enough for storage for a few months at a time, since I'm going to be using this mostly for Halloween and Comicon (Here in Dallas, in May.)

I've seen talk of Pepakura, and finding the files, but to be honest... It's still very confusing. The other question I have is I've seen people with actual flipping visors, almost like a motorcycle helmet, that are still reflective yet see through. I have no clue how to make that, but I'm interested.

I know this will take a lot of time, but I'm excited to do it.

So... I guess, where do I start?

Also- Please forgive me, I haven't use a message board like this in some time, so navigating is confusing for me.

EDIT- My bad- I found the stickies with the intro video and the rest of the info I was looking for... And now I can't figure out how to delete this thread. But I'm interested in this community, so I hope you'll forgive me!


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Browse a little bit and see what catches your fancy on materials.


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Honestly, I was initially planning on a fiberglass and bondo build, but I think I'm going to go the foam route after seeing some foam tutorials. Seems much safer considering I'm in a house that has no external work area...