Anime Central Info and Roll Call: May 19, 2023 - May 21, 2023 (Rosemont, Illinois)

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Description: Anime Central (ACen) is the largest anime, manga and Japanese popular culture convention in Chicago and the Midwest. ACen happens once a year in the Spring (around April or May) less than 30 minutes from downtown Chicago, in Rosemont, IL.

As part of its mission, ACen brings fans together with guests from the Japanese and US sectors of the anime and manga industry, as well as gaming, cinema, and Asian culture personalities. The event includes a huge exhibit hall, a massive video game room, concerts, dances, educational panels and workshops, premiere screenings, autograph sessions, 24-hour video rooms, tabletop gaming and much, much more!

Date: May 19, 2023 - May 21, 2023

Location: Donald E Stephens Convention Center: 5555 N River Rd, Rosemont, IL 60018

Event Website: HERE

Local Hotels:
(Descends by Distance) This includes Reservation Links.

Event Information:

This event happens during the transition period of Spring into Summer. So all members planning to attend should plan for inconsistent weather patterns at the location. I have frequented this event so I will now list some helpful pointers for those interested in such information.

We are still gathering information for this event. We will need the following from members:
  • Photographers and/or interested photographers willing to work with Regiment Staff on photoshoots.
  • Members planning to attend who may need room accommodation assistance and/or roommates
  • Member/s willing to take the point at the event and communicate between Region Staff for assistance organizing.
  • Dinner Plans and Location.
  • Photoshoot Plans and Locations.
  1. This event location involves a lot of outside travel and photoshoot locations. Hydration is not only a priority but a necessity at ACen. Many of the hotels involve outside travel to the main convention center and vice versa. Make ample use of your time and your trips accordingly.
  2. The location has a very lively night atmosphere, if not more lively than the day activity. The Hyatt specifically becomes the main hub of activity for the convention outside of the gaming hall that is present.
  3. Photoshoot sites are coveted at the convention and must be scoped out prior to the event. With how heavy the attendance is, they can be filled within mere minutes and some photoshoot sites are protected by the convention staff. Make sure to double-check that site locations that are picked out for the photoshoot are not being used by other groups, as we would like to maintain healthy relationships amongst convention sites.
  4. Food is an utter rip off at this location during the convention hours. We recommend either traveling off-site for lunches or preparing lunches and break sloths while present at the convention to head back to your hotel and have lunches/breakfast with other members and/or friends.
  5. ACen has specific restrictions on props and weapons brought into its convention hall, as well as strict policy surrounding badge usage. Make sure to pre-tag your weaponry with orange tips, as well as check the website for specific restrictions on larger weapons, as they may need to be made collapsable.
This is an extremely enjoyable convention for many of our members, and while I may be taking a hiatus from it this year, I may be showing up a day to deliver a suit to a newer member, and other veteran members may be appearing in my stead. Above all, I hope it is enjoyable and the 405th can have a hand in increasing the appearance of Midwest members amongst this and subsequent conventions.

Confirmed "Boots on Ground":

- Barricade195

Tentative Responses:

Badge Purchase: HERE

Dinner Plans:

To be decided, pardon our dust.



To be decided, pardon our dust.

Indoor Shoot:

Photographer Information:

To be decided, pardon our dust.

Location: Indoor Site.

To be decided, pardon our dust.

Location: Outdoor Site.

To be decided, pardon our dust.
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