Anime Expo anyone?

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Dani Girl

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Hi all,

AX is coming up and was wondering who will be attending? Would love to see some of you down in the area.

Also: I'm planning on entering the Masquerade, and unfortunately, I don't know many fellow armorers in my area. If you are interested in doing the Masquerade (has to be anime, manga related, or Japanese-based video game related - so Halo entrants are out of the question), ping me for details on the idea I have.

I will be at Anime Central in may. I am actually running a Halo panel and a Pep workshop, I was about to post a thread about it to see if any other 405th members would be there and saw yours. And figured I would just post here. Cool Hardsuit cosplay btw.

What and where is AX?
AX is anime expo and its located in Los Angeles

I really want to go since I have been once but when it was in Anaheim, sadly can't go since I have Comic Con to prepare for a couple weeks after that. Plus I'm trying to save up money and work on three different costumes. One is Halo and then I'm working on Tron Legacy costume. So i kind of have my hands busy
I'll be there. If I do the masquerade, i'll be going as a separate entry. ^_- I look forward to some competition.
how can halo not be included?! Halo Legends should make it qualify! even though its not cannon u could just say they were OVAs! lol
True. If you cosplayed something from legends, or the legends version of a cannon character, then you can enter it.

If you enter, what series would you do, Dani-Girl?
not sure if im talking about it right, but a couple of my friends went to a anime expo a week ago here in Tallahassee Florida.
I'm actually going to be there this year as Carter don't think I'll be buying a ticket though
Well I might attend im not sure I got free back stage pass's to the other con in anhime.....I wont be going in my halo or zaku yet. Ill be as link and kaito
Tried to convince spartan-005 that we should go but then again i wouldn't have anything ready. My Halo Wars and Mass Effect 2 won't be complete by then but they will definitely be complete by comic con
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