Anime Milwaukee Info and Roll Call: Feb. 14th - Feb 16th


405th Regiment Officer
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Description: Anime Milwaukee (AMKE) is a three-day anime convention that operates at the Hilton Milwaukee City Center and Wisconsin Convention Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We celebrate and educate fans about anime, manga, Asian culture, music and gaming. This is our thirteenth year, and we are proud to be providing the Milwaukee area with three packed days of entertainment geared towards the anime and gaming communities.

Date: February 14th through February 16th. (Condensed: 02/14/2020 -02/16/2020)

Location: 400 W. Wisconsin Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53203. (Wisconsin Center)

Event Website:
We are currently ironing out details for this convention. We would like any and all help from members for securing intel as follows:
  • Photographers and/or interested photographers willing to work with Regiment Staff on photoshoots.
  • Dinner plans for either Friday or Saturday.
  • Members planning to attend who may need room accommodation assistance and/or roommates.
As I have only attended this event once, I would not be the best member to give additional info on this event. With that being said, I do just so happen to know a member who is happy enough to provide the necessary intelligence for ground operations. There is currently no plans for regiment staff to be on-site.

(Information forthcoming. Please stand by...)

Local Hotels: (Descends by Distance)
  • Drury Plaza Hotel
  • Hilton Milwaukee City Center
  • Hyatt Regency Milwaukee
  • Aloft Milwaukee Downtown
  • The Pfister
  • The Westin Milwaukee
Confirmed "Boots-on-Ground":

- RandomRanger
- moderndaymarc

Tentative Responses:


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405th Regiment Officer
Member DIN
I apologize to my Wisconsin-ites for how long it took to get this post up. As I did not realize a post was created for you all.