Another Halo Armor Example. Awesome

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I <3 the one posted as a pic, but the one posted as a URL i dont like so much. rather than one whole suit, it looks to be seperate pieces for the fore arm, bicep area of your arm, chest, individual pieces on the legs, all worn over a loose black shirt. i would recomend Underarmor instead. also his pants seemed to be falling down a little... :$ops:
I like 'em both, but yeah.. the guy in the link ("corpseguy" instead of "deadguy" lol) really needs a vest to get away from thee baggy black look you mentioned.

Isn't that a set of nitemare armour though?

Anyways, his paintjob was weird too, like someone didn't use any reference pics to paint it.

The crotch was a little too short, and the visor was flat instead of ridged, which I know (from experience) isn't something you just go out and make and expect it to be something you can see through clearly. It's a tradeoff, but it just looks... wrong, all flattened like that.

I really liked parts of it though.. the overall chest plus shoulders was pretty neat. The boots were kinda' neat. The "towers" on the shoulders were kinda' short, but acceptably so.. ya' know?

But once you realize that one guy paid what..? $3000 for his suit, and the pic at the top of this thread was a homegrown special, it really makes you respect the costume posted at the top of this thread. For $3000, I'd be sending parts back with reference pics of the masterchief armour..

The pic on this page is really good though.
I don't like where they made sacrifices in the helmet design to use those goggles, but other than that? It looks great! I'd love to see more pics of it.
I'd also love to set the guy up with one of my visors so he could get that helmet looking the way he probably wants it to look.
it isn't nightmare armor. If you look at nightmare armor, you'll realize that it is VERY innaccurate to the halo 2 model. This guy did it all alone, and modeled it after the halo 2 life size statue. looks good to me, but i think the check piece is too small, as is the helmet. But i think it looks fabulous.
Yer right.. my bad.. that's not nitemare.

He's got "gloopy" issues everywhere though, like it's an inflatable suit. Pretty much like nitemare.. you're right though.. it's much more accurate than theirs was/is.

I dunno' about modelling it after the statue though. The statue has issues that his armour doesn't, and vice versa. He's got the monster feet like the statue, but offhand I dont remember the statue very clearly.

Ours was based on the statue too, because it was the only thing out there before Halo 2 hit. We didn't correct everything at the time, because we didn't have the game when we were drawing schematics and figuring out proportions.

We trusted the statue makers, and checked them against whatever pics I could track down. Eventually our molds got better as they moved further away from the statue designs we started with.
Its pretty cool, Im not a big fan of the goggles part, It would look alot cooler if it was reflective, so people couldnt see in.

EDIT: Me and my bro had those lasertag guns too hehe.
Didn't the guy in the photo make his from printing out the model data onto illustration board and folding it up?...or is that some other guy?
I'm not sure, but it looks pretty cool. Who has that model anyways? I wanat it!!!!
yes thats what he did there was a link some where that has it..all he did was the info off the game and printed it out
So in that very first picture, the armor was made out of the masterchief model texture printed out onto a thick illustration board?
some say it is so.... looks good though... cept the glasses in the visor.
I found a few pics of the guy awhile back. My guess is he used a 3d model and textures he did, printed them out, cut, and fold. You can tell that there textures he did because some things are'nt the same as the game model. ie. face, lights, etc. Its a pretty cool process I use it all the time to mock out to scale peices. So you have something that is the right size and general shape of what the finised piece will look like.
heh, that's just wild how he did that. Low poly suit indeed, but it's super cool!
except for the fact that it dents easily (see last pic, right bicep) it would be a pretty nice suit. even if it was just used for the sizing of a better suit like BRealm did.
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