Any Good Foam Build Threads For Jorge?


Hey All! I am finally back in the swing of things little bit now that college has started back up! Costume Club here is also started up so that means it is Spartan time!

I have been a bit lost on what to do and I was wondering if anyone knew if any good threads for building Jorge out of foam existed (Also just normal Halo Reach). While I am not building Jorge, my multiplayer Spartan has a very similar armor set to him. I just want to have a little reference/guidance to follow while trying to work on this cause I haven't been super happy with how what little I have done has come out.



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This post got buried for sure.
Anyways, I know Rock Lobbster is currently building a jorge, though he's probably printing his.
Last night I made a set of Jorge reference images you may find useful

I'm currently working on a Halo Reach build myself, and while it's not Jorge a lot of the parts are the same and you're welcome to follow along :)

I also have a HQ set of reference images I made for the stock reach armor here:


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Ran across a foam build thread for Jorge