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Anyone going to Rhode Island Comic Con

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by macktruck, Nov 10, 2017.

  1. macktruck

    macktruck Jr Member

    I know this might be late notice since technically it's already started. There may also be another post already and this might not be the correct spot.

    I was just wondering if anyone was going to the Rhode Island Comic Con.

    I will be attending Sunday with my Sister. We are both adults who decided not to grow up. :p
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  2. Ashuraa

    Ashuraa Judicial Officer Division Staff 405th Regiment Officer

    Ahh. Welcome. Let me see if I can find out if anyone from Colonial is going.
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  3. macktruck

    macktruck Jr Member

    Well, I didn't see anyone from 405th there but I did see this one cosplayer who was dressed up as Caboose from Red vs Blue. I figure someone here might appreciate the photo. GOPR0340.JPG
  4. Dirtdives


    Well no one checked in on the 2017 Events thread to announce if they were going to any of the Cons.......but then again no one does except a few of us. The RI con was posted though....I'm very through w/ my listings. macktruck, welcome to the 405th and to the Colonials.
  5. macktruck

    macktruck Jr Member

    Sorry, didn't know there was a thread. Will look for it when I have more time after work today. Most likely I won't go to anymore till 2018.
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  6. Dirtdives


    Well be on the look out for my 2018 Events List......Coming soon, to a theater near you.
  7. macktruck

    macktruck Jr Member

    This was actually some random cosplayer a few months ago in Boston Comic Con. I thought I would share the photo. Aparrently a traffic cone is some plot device in some red vs blue episodes.... Spartain.JPG
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