Anyone Here have anything but legendary?

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I feel all lonely Like im the only person with Collectors, So anyway i see alot of you have Legendary Anyone Have Collectors or regular or nothing at all?
Actually, there were three versions that came out; CE (Collector's Edition, or "regular"), LE (Limited Edition) and Legendary... :cool:
Couldnt justify a 129.99 game purchase to the missus. Even despite the awesomeness of the Spartan Helmet

Heck..I couldnt even get her to ok the Collectors edition lol

Of course I look at it this way...I bought the collectors for H2 and I watched the "bonus" disk once...not worth the extra 10 bucks to me
I wanted to get the collectors, but they were out when I went to reserve. So I just have the regular edition, sucks cause I really wanted to see all the videos that came on the collectors.
i got the LE and the Legendary...wanted the Legendary because my AR is on the extra footage
2 Legendary Editions and a regular copy.. Also, bought an extra Halo 3 helmet that comes with the legendary off ebay.. Yeah I spent alot haha And yeah, I got my dream raise to do this.. I'm a happy clam!!
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Honestly I've yet to buy mine or even play the Beta. Didn't wanna ruin the fun. >_>

Bought two copies of legendary, 1 limited and 1 collectors so I have a copy for each of my 360s.

The second copy of legendary ended up costing me $20 because I sold the helmet to a guy for $110.

I had to return my limited because the disk was scratched, all the other copies were fine.

The game is pretty good. Played it all the way through on legendary which took 2 days, not bad considering I also had 10 hour work days and was just playing with people at night.

I was the only one out of the group to actually make it in the warthogg run at the end.

We were very loud.

Didn't read any spoilers before playing, and was very happy to discover the hidden terminals and skulls brought back from Marathon, and the S'pht text decoding on them.

Also, the chatter was amazing for the grunts and humans. Phrases like "He's got a hammer. NNOOOO!!" and "uh oh the arbiter is dead...we're screwed" made playing a lot more enjoyable.

The **** talking for brutes was pretty good too. Any time you use cover to dodge brute shots they'd shout out "If you could only fight as well as you hide" which is hilarious.

I don't feel rampancy played as big of a part as I'd originally hoped. Nothing like Durandal or Tycho going nuts.

Forge is alright too, not as good as Infinity Forge and Anvil, but appreciated. At least you can edit objects.

They should have brought back Thunderdome and Arena.

and.. bots

*audible sigh*

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I got the Collectors Edition, didn't feel like paying 60-80 extra bucks just for a special casing and some extra features. If the helmet was wearable, and see through-able then I probably would've gotten one.
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