Anyone wanna join my hamachi minecraft server?


Jr Member
Heeeeeeeeeello once again my friends! yes i have returned, and i have returned to prop making (only on a smaller scale) anyways, back to the subject. i recently made my own minecraft server called Katanacraft! and i need 3 more people to fill up the hamachi server, it's a 20 player server, but right now all i can afford hamachi wise is a 5 player network (dont judge me lol) and theres already 2 players (me and a friend) so i have three available slots . i'll update his thread once i get more. but just pm me and ill give you the hamachi info and the ip adress! thank you and have an awesome day!

also dont forget to add me on skype if you want! just leave your 405th username along with the skype request.

EDIT: slots are full, sorry guys