Aqua resin help!!!


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My friend and I are starting our first armor project and there is no place to get aqua resin anywhere close to us. does anybody know what we can use for paper craft instead of aqua resin??


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You can use regular Fiberglass resin, or get some Smooth Cast 320 and use that in place of both the fiberglass and fiberglass resin.


Yeah, your best option would be to use regular fiberglass resin. Of course, if ventilation is a problem then you wouldnt be able to use resin. There are a few options though, Ive seen a few tutorials around here on using wood glue to harden peps, as well as a hot glue method thats on the halo costuming wiki. And im sure theres a few other methods as well. Good luck with whatever you choose!


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Whether or not ventilation is an issue depends on the type of resin. When using epoxy, for example, ventilation isn't that critical.

The important thing always is to know, understand and stick to the necessary safety measures. If you do that, you can use any resin without injuring yourself (or others).