AR interest... new vid on pg47 11/26

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AR interest new pics on pg43 4/11big pics

would anyone would be interest in me making more AR's from H3? i'll post more pics once i get my parts and finshing it up
i was thinking at looking at the on button from the 360 but the old dell sounds good i have to look into that

thumb for size reference
i replied on the other thread about screencaps...and yeah, this is a new-ish dell computer but the button will be the same on most.
yeah i seen that i was wondering if there where anymore, but i'll work with what i have

Could you post the link or give the part number for that button? Could be really useful to everybody!
found a "better" one

this, of course, is attached to my computer, but search "front bezel xps" on ebay to find it cheap. one seller has 2 up right now.

these are off the new xps dells. they're a little bigger than the previous one and can be back lit. it looks to be a superb match to the side AR button in this pic.
well both, kinda. they're both "official" but I dont think the MNF commercial was made my bungie. the pic you're looking at is a halo 3 screenshot, so i'd go with that.
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