Props ARC-920 Rail Gun


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Hey everyone, long time no see. We've been hard at work making armors and props. Unfortunately, I never got around to posting the build log of our most recent power weapon build. The ARC-920 Rail Gun. So without further ado lets go.
So starting off we had to get the file working. We started with the Halo 5 game file. It needed....a lot...of work to smooth, make printable, etc. I probably could have done more but we really wanted to get this thing going. So taking some lessons learned with our battle rifles we decided to slice it in as few parts as possible while also making it 1:1 scale. Additionally the registration pins for this one had to be substantial to ensure durability. Here is how it looked all sliced up.


Now the printing began. The prints for this one were not too terribly difficult. The area where the two main rail sections came together proved to be the toughest to print. Just had to fine tune some support settings. Here are some photos of the parts as they came off the robot.
20180920_230357.jpg 20180922_202059.jpg20180923_132930.jpg 20180925_193338.jpg

And here is the whole beast in her pre assembly glory. With tiny railgun for scale :).
Once everything was printed we began the fun process of assembly. Then the even more fun process of sanding, filler primer, sanding, filler primer, and some Bondo mixed in.
20181007_110148.jpg 20181025_215326.jpg 20181026_172543.jpg

Once she was cleaned up to our liking we put down the first coat of black for the main Rail Gun body parts.
Then came all the masking. Followed by the most precarious painting method around. Hey if it works right?!
20181028_174007.jpg 20181028_175644.jpg
Removing all the masking was like opening a Christmas gift. It came out amazingly with the tan color applied.
20181029_205422.jpg 20181029_212431.jpg
And after some hand painting for the detail work. She was all done. She even fit in one of my old gun cases for easy con transport.
20181030_224209.jpg 20181031_115416.jpg 20181102_210550.jpg

Here she is with my Recluse armor at a con soon after completion.
20181103_182326.jpg IMG_8493.jpg

Wish I got some more documentation of the modeling process for everyone. But just thought I'd share what pics I had from the build. It'll get some upgrades down the road I'm sure, as most props do. But I was pretty happy with how she turned out. Hope everyone enjoys. Oh yea...couldn't resist a pic with the other three girls.