Arcane ODST build


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Hey all,
I finally finished my first build!


please ignore the mess, I'm still cleaning up from my build process. These pics were also taken post comic-con, so my armor is pretty beat up. Most of the armor is from the H3 ODST foam files, with the helmet being a modified version of the HerosWorkshop version, and the chestpiece and thighplates being from AndrewDFT's build guide. The armor originally started as an H3 ODST but gradually shifted to being a reach ODST after some time. The colors are based on my Reach Spartan. I started this build about 2 weeks ago and barely got it finished in time for the photoshoot event. There was a lot of stuff I had to skip to make it on time, including the torso armor pieces, butt pad, kneepads, boots, rucksack, and DMR. I also couldn't properly prime, paint, coat, weather, or detail most of the armor. The helmet is definitely the piece I spent the most time on and the one I'm the most proud of.

I know the visor looks really messy, but I only had one plastic sheet and didn't have time to order another one or a custom visor anywhere online. Overall, I think it came out ok, but I know it can definitely be better. I want to work on it some more in the future, but I'm leaving for college in Virginia in a month and can't bring it with me. Let me know what you think! thanks
Great work! One thing you might want to do is write down any improvements or additions you want to make to it before you leave. Can't count the number of times I've forgotten what I wanted to change on a cosplay and how I wanted to do it after having to take a break.
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