Are the feet way to big for your original scale?

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Original scaling is far to big for me, and I'm 6'2". I have to play with the scaling, and I've built the left foot 4 times now. =/
Wow... Ive had to redo the right forearm and the right shoulder 2 times each... The first times they were too big... Now I think I'll have to do the same with the foot... If it doesn't work with this scale I have for the helmet, then I see how the scale I used for my forearms would work... If not then I just gotta guess and check... Try just printing the bottom foot part and comparing... on normal paper...
The orignial scale worked for my helmet, and even the neck where you slide your head into was to narrow, so I had to mod that a bit. But the chest piece is a bit big, so Im going to have to remake that monstrosity. =/
What's your scale mine is:

Helmet: 25.04979
Forearms and Shoulder: 20.057463

Boots will probably be 20.057463 also but I will cut the bottom off or make it inbetween both scales...

Probably will make it inbetween unless it looks bad...
My helmet is the stock scaling, but I forget the number. 30.402 I think it is.

Biceps, Calfs, and Thighs are 25.402.

Boots are 24.750 I think....

I still need to make the crotch and chest piece(again), but I plan on the chest piece being maybe, oh, 28.000 or somewhere there abouts. The stock was almost right, but a little wide at the shoulders. So we'll see.
Also I'm using

20.057463 on the thighs and then 25.04979

You think that's too big? The calfs are like 5cm more in height is what it says?

Maybe I can use the backs with this scale and have to make new front parts with a different scale?

Because the front looks wide
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