Are there any alternatives to resin besides foam?

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If not, I'll use foam, but I don't have enough space to use resin, and I have two dogs who frequently get in my way, and chew on everything.

I've heard that I could use paper mache, but I'd have to apply huge amounts of it to my armor. And I'd probably still have to coat it with a hardener of some sort.
i was wonderin the same thing , just keep one thing in mind ,,,try not to use foam cuz it will expand and throw ur armor all out of shape, on the alternatives however ill look into it

Well I could use small amounts of the foam... If you only apply a little bit
it shouldn't expand that much, should it?
Do you have a garage? Cause usually thats the best place to work on your helm, and you just put the dogs in your house.
might work if u put in just a little and let it expand and then put in a little more and let it expand, ect. ect. never tried it tho if i were u id look around the forum to check and see if any1 else has done wat im suggesting

I have a garage, but right now it's full of stuff I can't move. My dad parks his Porsche in there.
I dont know how foam reacts with resin...

btw, what type of porsche ?

I have a Porsche 944
Smells just as bad as resin but try Bondo (the body filler)

If you only use Bondo it will be very heavy and crackable. For pepa, resin really is the best thing to use.
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