Ares Armory

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Plasma will be put up once I get off my lazy behind and take a picture of it.

For now I will only post the main pictures of each item. Specific pics can be requested and will be sent via PM. Examples are if you'd like to see the Rocket Launcher handle or something to that effect.

Rocket Launcher

Frag Grenade

Woah...calm down a bit. I had to go out today!
I will post this pics within 10 minutes.
silvercookie, this is not your first warning. stop being so impatient and please calm down. this is considered spamming.
Jesus! I'm gone for a couple of days and you go nuts! My internet was being an @$$ and the pics will NOW BE UPLOADED VERY SOON.
kk, no rush buddy ;)
I may make a frag soon, I'll have some extra clay from making my glove armour mold, and i gotta get a can of green spray paint anyways.
I look forward to looksies :Steve:
*whimper* I cant see them, the school internet I'm using atm blocks all internet hosted images, grrrrrrr. I'll check it later and comment when I see it ;)
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