Armor Horror Stories, Anyone?

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A certain event this afternoon made me wonder if anyone else has any stories of bad or funny things happening in relation to armor creation. Here's mine...

I woke up this morning like any other morning, listening to radio comedians Bob and Tom for two hours before getting out of the house. I was out for most of the day taking care of college stuff and trying to find a job. It had been raining hard for the past two days and some half-wit almost crashed into me, which put me in a bad mood. Having said this; when I got home I found my (indoor) cats shivering from what appears to be a swim. I went down stairs to find the system that keeps my basement flood free has given out from old age. After a few minutes of taking it all in my new floating carpet and water bed, I run to my closet (one of the medium-large size walk-in types) realizing all my peps had been stored on the floor so I could do some cleaning. I was heartbroken by what I saw: an entire suit of HD armor was a big pile of mush, including a Scout helmet I was making as a surprise for a friend (none of it was resined since I don't have a respirator yet). I'm sure I'll laugh about this later, but I was wondering if anyone else has any stories like this.



mine dosn't end as bad as my helmet was fixed and i was laughing about 10 minutes after it happened.

So I just got done resining my helmet and left it outside to dry, with a fan next to it, and went inside to take a shower. after about a 5 minute shower I looked out my window see my helmet rolling away through the dirt and grass in my yard. without thinking I jumped out side and ran to my helmets rescue wich was now covered in dirt and grass with little twigs stuck to it also. but as I set my helmet back on my work station and turning the fan off I realized that I only had a towel on. yep i ran around my yard chasing an ODST helmet with only a towel on. thankfully my neighbors were not home and I wasnt in my front yard.

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Mine was back about 23rd of Dec 2007. I had just ran in the "Christmas Fun-Run" a two mile race through the streets of downtown Boise, carrying a red flag (this set of armor is blue) and my friend also in blue armor. At the end of the race, I threw the flag down on the ground and 'tea-bagged' it.

After i stood up and turned off the camera i bent over to pick up the flag, when i did this my belt snapped into three pieces. I never expected to be de-pantsed as a spartan.


Mine isnt quite as bad as a flood thank the gods. My job takes me out of town for a few days at a time and I use that time sitting in a crappy motel room to do my pep work. After a few mishaps in transporting my work home after the job was over I learned to coat the entire thing with all weather wood glue (motel managers dot take kindly to someone doin resin on the pool deck lol). So on the last trip I had left my HD set in the corner of the dinig room out of the way of the kids and the wife and my newly painted MC helmet on the bookshelf above said carpet urchins reach (I thought). The first night my wife calls for our daily catchup call and tells me the 6 yr old has been running around the house wearing most of my peped suit which is not resined yellin Im a haloo dude shooting at everything with a paper towel roll lol. So I ask her to put it up carefully so it wont get mess up, ok no worries. about a hour later she calls me sounding like the dog just died and started saying how sorry she was before I get a chance to ask whats up. Apparently when she was doing the laundry upstairs the 6 yr old decided to complete his look with my almost finished helmet. He pulled a chair over to the shelf crawled up pulled it off the shelf and dropped it on the tile, 2 weeks worth of work shattered all over the living room it has since been patched back up and reglassed inside but still dosent look right somethings off and its a size smaller now lol.

By the way she put my peped parts in the garage for safe keeping during 3 days of cold rain so everything but the shins are now bracing material. But I love the little crumbsnatchers anyway I just have to make him a suit now to keep him out of mine lol.

:Mental note buy a lock for the storage closet IN the house!:



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Don't really have a horror story that goes directly to making the actual parts, but I think my kitchen floor will probably have to have the linoleum redone as there is a real sweet patch of resin sitting underneath where I was working on my first suit. So much for the security deposit o_O


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BFDesigns said:
Don't really have a horror story that goes directly to making the actual parts, but I think my kitchen floor will probably have to have the linoleum redone as there is a real sweet patch of resin sitting underneath where I was working on my first suit. So much for the security deposit o_O
you resin where you cook? that doesn't sound too safe.
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this is my horror story....well not really a story ..but a picture says a thousand words right?


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Mine isn't too bad but....
Halloween night:
Putting on my armor in the parking lot and one of my straps broke off my thigh. I had used crazy glue to attach the strap and as a bent over and weight and the pressure (since it was attached to my belt at the time) caused it to break. Had to drive home a fix it.
End of the night: standing out side (after I won $300 !nice!) getting pictures with people (and drunk people) and these two little drunk girls walked up to me from my side (right) and out of not where both punched me the visor and knocked it out! People ask me "well why didn't you stop them?" Well, I didn't expect to be punched for one, the 1st punch pushed my helmet down so I was blind to the 2nd punch, and I wasn't going to do any rash since there were two cops standing about 20ft away. bummer...since haven't fix it yet.


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Halo 3 Launch Night...

I had chosen to wear my white shoes. They were running shoes and kind of low. My fiberglassing wasn't that great. Also didn't help that i hadn't attached my biceps. That night i walked around sliding my legs forward as the jagged edges ripped at my heals. I came home with skin peeled and peeling away from my heal. Always wear boots... That's what I learned ;)


spent few months(time is precious when your in school) and found out it wasn't the one to make, and most of the pep files were long (logic lol)


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