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This was spawned from a conversation on the 405th Discord server. Basically there's a consensus that there is a need for made to order stickers & decals. Because everyone is a different size and thus the decals have to scale with the armor. I've never looked for making a million of anything. But I like doing items that directly benefit and help the fellow cosplayer individually. So this fits my business without stepping on the toes of those who want to mass produce. If someone has something they want, reach out. If you want the Martian marine logo at 3.14 cm, fine I'll run it. If you have a sheet of symbols for your armor at you need it at 86%, I'll run that. Maybe you just want a set of numbers, on hi-vis vinyl to put on your armor chest and for you they need to be 1.36 inches tall and that's not a size you're going to find at your local hardware store. Reach out through my store and we'll figure out your specifics together.
Vinyl Decals Made to Order - Etsy Australia
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