Armor Updates - You won't see these on HBO!

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James Falcon

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Hey guys, more pics just rolled in on my progress. And you'll only see these on the 405th, HBO is a little busy right now, and I don't want to bother them with crowding up my pics page more than it already is.

Ok, yesterday I started some fiberglass work on my thigh guards, a shin guard, and one of my armguards. Today, I completed the skeletal mat board frames for my shoulder guards - to clarify, I'm employing a new technique of building dumbed down frames of my armor stages, then constructing the actual armor framework around the frames, which may or may not be removed upon completion.

So, here's the pics -

These would be the skeleton frames for my shoulder guards

This is the start of some filling in I've been doing on my shin guards. I've been using that foam gap filler stuff to add thickness and inner padding to my shin guards. I may use this for other parts, too.

Here are my fully fiber-glassed hand plates. I have yet to install the snaps on the back which will allow them ample fixation to my gloves.


Just a shot of my armguard and glove plate together...I can't resist goofing around like this sometimes.

This would be my fiberglassing work zone last night shortly after doing some patchwork. My basic technique is to patch areas at a time, excluding the edges, and then come back a second time, add more bondo, and coat the edges to avoid getting loose glass cloth strands every which way.




Ok, that's all for now. I'm currently in the process of mapping the outer pieces of my should guards, and constructing the skeletal frames for my chest plate, fusion pack, and the helmet. All the while, finishing up my completed frames and fiber glassing them. (I'm gonna get lung cancer from all the glass I've been exposed to *cough, hack*>_<)

I'll ship some more pics in when I either finish the skeletal frames for the chest assembly and helmet, complete the shoulder guards, or both. Stay with me, and thanks for all the emailed compliments! I really appreciate it.

-James Falcon
PS: sorry about the AR thing. I never posted in the topic, but I'll just say it for everyone else...
I wish I had patience and Motivation! Next summer/this winter break I'll start on something.

Damn cool stuff.
Silverzippo93 said:
Are the handplates a Halo 3 armor variation, or your own design?

Either way, nice work!

They are Halo 1 MJOLNIR Mark V-style plates, as is the rest of my suit. Hopefully my finished product will look something like this -


I'm well on my way, at least...deadline for this is end of October.
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I saw your earlier progress on HBO, and I must say, You sir, are my hero. In all honesty I have always like the Mark V more than the Mark VI, and it's the armor I really want to do. So, props to you for doing a Mark V!
Mark VI is actually better in my opinion - its more cut down, and covers more of you better than the Mark V. But it has tons more detail, so that's why I didn't do one. Besides, Chris Bryan (who has offered me much advice up to this point) beat me to it and set the bar pretty high for awesomeness.

Although, I will most likely gun for a Mark VII after I finish this build....but let's not get ahead of ourselves, I have work to do! ;)

*runs off to go to it*
So is the H3 armor considered a whole nother Mark level ? Like H3 armor is MKVII just because the hands and helmet are a bit different ?
No. It's still Mark VI according to all the Bungie info so far, it's just been tweaked/updated a little in the field.
I like the mark V better because it is more realistic.
Think. The mark VI is too damn skinny. To have layers metal and rubber cloth that thick, be put together to a frame that thin? No genetically enhanced marine will fit that, much less a normal dude.
James Falcon said:

You sir, have been proved wrong. Chris Bryan, who has provided me with much info on armorwork, has built a VERY accurate Mark VI suit. And he fits into it quite well.

Um, dude? that suit doesn't have the same propotions an the game model.
Okay, It's not about the armor, it's just that the figures all wrong. Do me a favor, download a 3d modeling program, learn it, and download a model of the H2 MC. Look at his shoulders.
Enough. lol.
Chris is awsome. I hope you do well.
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xalener said:
Do me a favor, download a 3d modeling program, learn it, and download a model of the H2 MC. Look at his shoulders.

Heh, funny you say that. I have a little trade secret that I give 100% of my progress and accuracy credit to for helping me to do more than play guesswork. I won't specify my trademarked method, because if I did, it'd start a revolution because anyone can do it...if you know how to program ALOT of stuff.

Despite my secrecy, I still will let my work speak for itself. Speaking of which, the handplates are 80% DONE! Body filler is applied and I've installed snaps on one of them. Sanded 'em both, too. After this weekend, I predict my shoulder guards will be looking about halfway done on the frames, and the chestplate will be well underway. Yeah, I know, there's that pic on HBO of a Mark V chestplate, but I screwed up by making it too small....specs and angles were IMMACULATE, but the dimensions got fouled up. But, its nothing that I predict will slow me down.

Completion...HERE I COME :D


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Ok, boys and girls - Update time on my Mark V!

Since I'm a little high for time, I'll be making an averaged list of my various stages.

Helmet - 10% (Got the visor!)
Chest Plate - 10% (Just measurements and a downsized prototype)
Fusion Pack - 5% (Measurements and sketches only)
Shoulder Guards - 40% (Frames are coming along)
Forearm Guards - 65% (Got a lot of minor tweaks to make)
Gloves/Handplates - 90% (Just gotta attach and paint!)
Belt - 60% (Fiberglass, body fill, and paint)
Thigh Guards - 70% (Finish fiberglassing, body filler, and paint)
Shin Guards - 65% (Don't even start with me)
Boots - 65% (Yeah, gotta start hustlin')
MA5C AR - 95% (Just some tiny painting tweaks)

Overall Completion - 52%

Ascessment - Yeah, I've got to really start hauling ass if I'm gonna finish this in 43 days.

Did some work today with bondo, I'd have done more, but some of those fibers dried in strands and decided to do an expert imitation of a meat skewer - I got my hands diced up a bunch and had to downplay my progress. But! The good news is that I'm picking up momentum with my last few pieces and am beginning to learn to work faster and more efficiently while still conserving detail and quality. I'll send pics soon of my progress.

Mean time - I need everyone on here to resurrect my poll for what color the public would like me to make my armor once its done. Its on like page 2 of this forum, can't miss it....I need those votes, people! Otherwise, I might have to just flip a coin for it! :cautious:

Stay tuned and stay ready!

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