armors questions (crucial)

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1. What do I do first-painting or resining?

2. I want to do the classic mc color:

What spraypaint colors can I use?

3. What kind of grit should I use for the sanding? Can a nail file help? (brother's question).

4. Where can I get an undersuit to put the armor on? Everything I found is about $20 in shipping alone.

5. Is there anything else I need for hardening besides fiberglass resin?
you put 3 coats of resin on the outside, then fiberglass on the inside sand down with med-fine sand paper.

look here for the paint;idCategory=22
(Get the aerosol version of it to avoid brush marks)

after the paint drys (dry to use a spray brush on it so that u can see brush marks) get spray polyurethane (which is clear) to give it that "shine"


EDIT:Try using the search button, i found out all i needed to tell u basically on my own, and with a little common sense...

Here are some more tips
I would HIGHLY suggest canned 2-step paint. BC/CC (base-coat/clearcoat). Why, do you ask? Simply, because it makes the surface stronger and lots more glossy. :mrgreen:
Usually for that color I do a dark green for the first layer then a light green for second and lightly spray a middle green. My advice is start dark and work to light.

Bondo is great for filling in gaps and is pretty tough. If you want a bit more reinforcement I recommend fibertape before fiberglass. It's usually no more than 10-15 dollars for a roll and one large one can last through a couple suits of armor.
I was thinking that when you think under armor, think motorcycles. Skullcandy girl is using it for hers. Me, I just use thick vests and make my own pads for my under armor.
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