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Since I am beginning my armour set soon I am in need of some advice in the way of material choices. I really need to know which material choice is the easiest and cheapest for a beginner. I have created the mold for my glove armour using clay in the hope of using fibreglass cloth and resin but would rather hear some other methods before continuing the process using this technique. If everyone could give me their advice it would be a great help to me and very appreciated.
Many thanks

- Shifty


hey amigo,

you might try the stickied tutorial thread, that has a lot of links to stuff, other than that, just check out some of the older threads.


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read other forums before you post your own topic, every body needs help. ask but look first

Sean Bradley

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... nice guys, you took the words right out of my mouth.

There are more than enough resources here to help you make that decision. Do some research and I'm sure that your choice will become clear.


That's fair enough, sorry to be a bother, Just wanted a little validation that my method was apceptable: clay positive mold with fibreglass cloth + resin.