Art Contest -- Hero/Villain mashup

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Submit your artwork by May 1, 2012
Artwork can be in any medium including costuming, sculpture, 3d model, sketch, paint, etc.
Characters must be recognizable.
Hero and villain must be from the same general story. (R2D2/Ig88 = ok, R2D2/Dalek = not ok This rule may be ignored if the execution is impeccable and the characters are instantly recognizable.)
Characters can be from any genre. (tv/film, comic, anime, video game, etc.)

There is no prize for winning. This contest is to inspire creativity and fun.
Contest open to all members.

Judging will be done by you, the members.

Work submitted must be done by you.
Work submitted must be done specifically for this contest.
Post the image(s) in this thread along with the names of the characters and the title of the book, film, tv show, game, etc. in which they appear.

You may submit as many entries as you like.
I forgot to mention -- for Photoshop (or other image manipulation) entries, your source images must also be posted and labeled "source(s)". Do not edit or crop watermarks on the source images. You may link to these images if you like.
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