Artorias-First Foam build. Need some .pdo help.

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    Hello one and all, fellow members of 405th!
    After the success of my Umbrella corp cosplay, I got rehooked to cosplay so I decided to make one of my favourite lore and look wise charachters: Artorias, Knight of the Abyss.
    After some digging, I found a fellow member's finds of some foam pdo files.

    Problem is, the armor file as is, stands at 2.20m in height and appears to fit slim people of about 1.80+ height.

    The thing is, I'm neither THAT slim nor that tall. (Around 1.76)
    I bought a program called "Armorsmith Designer" that I find PARTICULARLY helpful since I've always had some issues scaling pdo files in both X and Y axis (since in pep designer they scale in unison)

    Issue is, the program considers the entire armour as one single .pdo file, since .. well.. it is.
    That means however I cant scale each piece separately or even rotate them to their proper place.
    So can anyone separate the pieces from the pdo file?
    I would be extremely thankful... Maybe even for a small monetary compensation if that helps :)
    (Sorry. I just dont want to sound like I'm asking for favors...)
    Anyhow, here is what the file and program look:
    (I will also include the .pdo file. Its in zip form since the forum doesnt seem to like .pdo extensions.
    Full credit to Cosmonaut for the file)

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  2. PyroPsycho

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    Are you still needing any help with this file?
  3. AbvysTamer

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    I need help to scale armor to like 1800mm and a sword to 1525mm
  4. Sean Anwalt

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    AbvysTamer, this thread is almost a year without a response. Around here if a thread is more than 3-6 months old, older don't reply. It's considered necro- posting and pushes newer, active threads down.

    The are plenty of tutorials about scaling on the new recruits section, you'l find everything you need there.

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