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assassins creed brother hood hidden blade

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by mochafreak111, Jan 21, 2011.

  1. mochafreak111

    mochafreak111 Jr Member

    well i found out kids are trying to make this on youtube now and so i thought i would make a legit one, one that is a real brace not a brace with sliding knife that slides on its own with no lock, so that it is just like a toy. I will try this in the mean time does any one know of a legit one so i can look at it for refrence?
    :) ahhahahaha btw thanks for ur time!
  2. Jico

    Jico Well-Known Member

    Here ya go^^

    Altair's blade


    Etzio's blade


  3. snypernight

    snypernight Jr Member

    WHERE CAN I BUY ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha lol, but seriosly i want one.
  4. Toacrabman

    Toacrabman Well-Known Member

    People have actually gotten really good designs, some guy on youtube basically 1up'd all of the six year olds that made crappy "ballistic" pen "knives", and taped butter knives to their wrists. Kind of like how 405th got on youtube and blew everyone away with our awesome props,(originally made from paper), because it was better than their duct tape and paper, "halo assault guns".

    His design was fully functional, and worked perfectly, so of course the first thing he did was tell noobs that he would not sell them, because its dangerous, wrong, and most of all, illegal, to let people hurt themselves with something so awesome. They were so awesome you could hurt yourself just looking at the awsome! I based my design off the concept art, and edited the system's internals so it would work correctly, and so far his design is working for me.
  5. mitch35542

    mitch35542 Member

    I know of several sites that actually sell the hidden blade, its a few hundreds of dollars depending where you go. Its cool because it looks just like the one from the first Assassins creed, has a real blade that isn't sharpened but is able to be sharpened and has a locking mechanism so no assassination accidents.
  6. mochafreak111

    mochafreak111 Jr Member

    i like Etzio's blade
    but i doint like the other i wanna be able to flick my wrist and have it shoot out if any one shoe me a mechinism that works on that i would gladly be thank full and thanks jico for the refrences and toacrabman if u dont mind could you tell me the dude that made his so i could contact him
  7. eldritch2k4

    eldritch2k4 New Member

    Backyard FX had a video on how to make the functional system for under 60USD. It doesn't look pretty, but after you get the system functioning, you can spend a few more dollars to craft a casing for it. They made it out of tent pegs, keyboard tray slides, springs and mirror wire plus leather straps to attach it to your wrist.
  8. tahu653


    maybe it could be a sort of pressure leaver when you flip your wrist backwards, it springs out the knife
  9. AI Blue Fox

    AI Blue Fox

    not to bump a dead thread or anything but i know of a couple of designs i found on youtube that includes the slide bearings from cabinets and springs. it is not that hard to find the parts and make but it goes for a bit of money if you don't have the right parts.
  10. TheDaox

    TheDaox New Member

    My colleagues and I have fully functional blades for sale. We will only sell to those that prove themselves over 18 and after they sign that any injuries are of no liability to us. I will warn all of you: they are expensive (Due to materials and the fact they're entirely handcrafted and sharpened) and that there may be a significant delay until you get your blade (Again, due to the fact they're entirely handcrafted).
  11. Darkrider9

    Darkrider9 Well-Known Member

    You can't sell/advertise things in the noob forum. Classifieds only.

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