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Yeah, yeah, another Assassin's Creed topic.

But what makes this one so special? It has Gauntlets!

Now I really want to do is just simple make the gauntlets and hidden blade, that's pretty much it. Nothing else. To me just having a Hidden blade without the gauntlets is a tad boring :p

So this one of the few detailed thing I want to do which is few of the hard parts...

Beautiful is it not? lol :p This isn't me but the guy who made it.

He has a video that explains it all here...

How does this come to play at these forums? Fiberglass Phobic. He said he used something called that to create the gauntlets...around 5:40
Now I was hoping someone who watches the video can explain to me a bit better on how to do this if you have any experience on it. Cause I really had no clue what he was saying when he was explaining. XP this is the link he was talking on the video about but I'm still confused :p

I heard he used
Foaming (Craft Foam I think) - 1$ a Sheet, awesome!
A sort of plastic, I think its styrene, not sure.
and pleather for the gauntlets themselves lol which you can find at Michaels.

Oh yeah as an added bonus, to create the patterns, here you go.

I'm working on the patterns myself but it's a bit hard for me, not so great at it :p Wish it had better detail.

Now that I got that out of the way, Hidden Blade!

This may as well be the most simple and best looking blade yet!

All you need to get is a Collapsible Tai Chi Sword
Cheapest one I can find online

Just simply unscrew the handle and you got your blade!
Though it's not that simple I wish, you need to use crimp pliers, on the end to create a locking mechanism (as told in the video)
I somewhat confused about that too. :p

He also used JB Weld And Rings, glued onto the blade so he could well tie it on his arm lol.

Hope this helps!



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thats an awsome job at one but i unno if its just me but the hood looks awkward thank you for the link though


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redragon74 said:
thats an awsome job at one but i unno if its just me but the hood looks awkward thank you for the link though
REMEMBER I DID NOT MAKE THIS. His name is Gamebit...I forgot the numbers :p

Yeah, making the hood was pretty complicating, so far no one got it right in my opinion yet.
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once i finish my MC costume, im gonna make this.

prasing him for the awsome gauntlet :not worthy: :not worthy: :not worthy: :not worthy:


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hmm, good idea using the tia chi blade, has anyone got one or used one before? would u be able to attatch it to the bottem or top of a gauntlet?


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feigned-echo said:
i bring no offense but i think i found someone better, the first part of the movie is kind of boring but at the end she shows the gauntlet in detail. if you like what she did pm me and i'll send you the instructions she gave me. (the plates she uses aren't plastic they're aluminum)
None taken. I'm sure interested in doing anyones way, looks pretty similar so I'll be willing to do it :D
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that is beautiful! some great work there. What did you use/ or how did you indent or color the leather patterns?


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p0rtalman said:
that is beautiful! some great work there. What did you use/ or how did you indent or color the leather patterns?

Well I've been doing leather work for 2 years now. The indents your talking about is called hand tooling leather. Its a long process but what you do is take a under cut beveler stamp tool and you use a mallet and tap down the edge making it rise up. As far as the images on the leather goes. its kinda like a digital brand. Using a laser ingraving machine you can scan images into the computer and the laser will lightly burn the top grain of the leather.
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99centtaco said:
Here is my tutorial on making the left arm bracer.

WoW!! Great Tutorial. You know when ever anyone takes the time to compose a tutorial to pass on the knowledge they have learned to others I love to thank them. It the least I can do for all their hard work. So Thank you for the links here and the tutorial. I could use this to make some other gauntlets or other crafts. I'll be sure to pass this one on if anyone else ask about it. Once again. THANKS :cool:
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