Assualt Rifle and Battle Rifle : WIP Update! July 13th, 07

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I started the Assault rifle about 3 days ago, and the battle rifle yesterday.
I paper mache'd the assault rifle, and I'm gonna mache the battle rifle too, so in case I end up not doing fiberglass resin, I can just paint it, although if I only paper mache it won't be waterproof...

The Assault Rifle comes with a clip that you can pull out and put back in.

The Battle rifle is right now just a hunk of cardboard. I plan to give it a clip.

After each gun is paper mache'd I'll either resin or just paint it.



I added more on, and then I went over most of it with faux metal paper, and then I spray painted it with two coats of black. I plan to paint out all the grooves and such with a lighter/darker black. I'll also be adding a fake ammo counter to it.
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