Ataching armor

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I'm no expert, but I think a good idea is to use velcro, that way it's not permanently stuck to that under armor, but it's still secured.
I used velcro the sticky back kind so i could stick it on my underarmour and on my pep bad idea i should have hot glue it but it was my mistake.You can use straps like stretchy straps connect all youre peices together.For example connect shoulder to chest then fore arm to shoulder ect.
Have you got a harness or sorts under the armor, over your bodysuit/glove/bdu? it's always a plus to have a main harness from which you can attach/secure most of your armor parts to. If you have, go with a combination of straps, velcro and snaps.

Good luck!

I don't know if anyone has tried this yet, but you could attach a belt to the inside of your armor in the waist and chest areas and tighten it to make them hold on.

Also, if you have some, pure black hockey skate lace that is somehow anchored to your arm and leg parts and tie it around your arm.
Acr1d said:
I used buckles from old backpacks and so far its working well.

I plan on using straps and buckles too. But you can by them in packs somewhere... the buckles I mean.... You don't have to massacre a backpack for them...
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Evil Femle said:
I plan on using straps and buckles too. But you can by them in packs somewhere... the buckles I mean.... You don't have to massacre a backpack for them...

You can get buckles that are sort of like backpack buckles (not the buckles, but the tightening things that don't come loose) from either Wal-Mart or Michaels craft store. Don't remember which.
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Anything to shave a few bucks off the project though! This one person I know collects backpacks for kids that can't afford them so I think I'll go stop by. There are priorities...
Strap it like this

Straps cost 2.50 at walmart in the sewing section, it's rolled up in a ball, so dont buy elastics, these arent elastic.
I strapped the biceps to the chest and back pact after i attach them them together. I had a webbing belt i had straps go down tot he thigh pieces to keep the up. The shins i used Velcro and left them kind of sit on my boots.

The arms i Velcroed to pads i used underneath them to hold it all in place. the crotch piece Velcroed to the webbing belt , sam with the butt piece
I'm not sure, but I think there used to be a strap tutorial thread, dont see it anymore, but strapping the pieces to the torso makes the armor more comfortable to wear.
hey guys, sorry to necro but i have been reading/searching, and this is the best thread i could find.

frost, i was wondering how you actually attached the straps to the armor, and if you used velcro or not?

i found the link to that strapping tut you mentioned, but got a 404 not found
The best way to attach the shoulders/biceps is how Adam did it. Just watch his video. I did that using elastic and it work great. way easier to put on and take off than if it was attached to the torso! the legs I'm planning on doing the same way as Adam does it in the video. the torso I have in two pieces and the reattached with nylon straps, but elastic would would to, it all just depends on how you add them (glue or small screws). the torso can now be pulled apart (like a book) but not a lot and then I added straps like football pads: under the arms down at the sides of the chest. forearms, your glove can help keep them on or add padding to help. cod piece: just like any old belt. I used plastic backpack connectors/buckles (like on a life jacket) and the other things (i don't know what they are called) to adjust the straps (make tight or loose).
I would post pics if I had any. I might in the future.
good luck
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