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Anyone plan on making a costume to wear when they go see the movie? Or am I the only dork? :D

I would like to go as a Helljumper, but since it's not certain they'll be in the movie (at least not what I've heard), I'm thinking about waiting until some on set pics of costumes get posted, and just make something from the movie (more recognizable) and save the Helljumper for cons and such.
that would be a good idea, wait until they release some production photos, and then design a costume out of that.

I will if i can get one made!!!
um, no i wont. dont get me wrong, i am a certifiably insane Halo fanatic, but also pretty damn shy.:$ops: if i get a beaver creak shirt, or maybe the halo 3 logo shirt, or both! and probably a hat (which im planning to) from, ill wear that, but nothing beyond that.
Well a couple years ago I was in the same boat as you. I wouldn't have ever dared to even dream of wearing a suit of MJOLNIR out in public, but I've come to realize that it doesn’t matter what they (those "normal" people ) think, cause I don’t freaking give a crap!

That said, I would encourage you to go only as far as you are comfortable, but remember, if you move outside of your comfort zone every now and then you may just find yourself to be as bold and outgoing as us. ( FYI we're all a little shy)

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hmmm... true, if i could get my hands on a helmet with an orange/mirror reflective visor thats impossible to see through, and maybe dissmantel one of those darth vader voice changing things and re-assemble it on the interior if the helmet maybe, but...

and besides, wearing a full set of MJOLNIR for what, 2 or 3 hours sitting down with very limited movement is bound to get uncomfortable very fast.
I will prolly make an appearance in my suit, maybe even get paid to be out from that day, but change before the movie starts.

i really hope it will be released in wintertime. i dont know how MC keeps cool while running around near flames. ;)
I'm wearing it! I dont' care.

I'll take it off for the show that I'd be seeing though. Love to make appearances BEFORE hand.
For the starwars rerelease my friend and a group of other star wars costumed geeks made an arrangement with the theater.

They wandered around and gave people freebies on opening night. The night before they were able to go watch a private veiwing of the film along with one guest apiece.

I'm definately going in armor, but it's comin' off when I sit down, unless my Halo 3 suit is more minimalistic, and has extra padding.

I'll also be in Halo gear for a Toys for Tots thing for christmas this year, and for the Halowars release too. If I can stir up enough locals, I'll be in a parade too, right near the stormtroopers... don't need many folks together to do that. With luck, we'll have a red & blue flag too. Hell by next christmas (not this one), I'm debating having a (at least towable) fullscale Warthog involved in the parade, depends how much time I have to work on it.

Dude.. the thing is.. in armor like that, no one knows who you are. There's a few that'll call you a geek, but there's a lot more that are gonna' wish they had the armor themselves, and the balls to wear it. You wear the armor, you're a spartan, and become part of the Bungie Haloverse for anyone that looks at you. You might even be shy enough to shiver in the costume at first, and avoid eye contact, but it grows on you, it really does.

It's what being a hardcore fan is all about.
If the movie comes out and if i have anytype of Halo suit id so wear it. i mean you see all the damn jack sparrows this year?
Spartan 021 said:
If the movie comes out and if i have anytype of Halo suit id so wear it. i mean you see all the damn jack sparrows this year?

woah there buddy, my signature costume is capt jack.
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Spartan 021 said:
If the movie comes out and if i have anytype of Halo suit id so wear it. i mean you see all the damn jack sparrows this year?
I saw a few. They creaped me out. There were even little 5 or six year old kids dressed as him!

But seriously, I don't have any armor to begin with. Even if I did, you're all saying "No one will no who you are" and then later stating "I'll take it off while watching the movie" so then people will know who you are... Well, maybe not that... But they'll know what you look like... hmmmmmmmmm... I'm not getting anywhere with this.

Still, I'm only 15, and hardly have the money to buy some armor, let alone the money/equipment/expertise to make some myself. All I have in the way of fabricating such a costume is a toolbox filled with different sized screw drivers and wrenches. And there's no shops around that I know of that have the right stuff to use.

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I'll hopefully post pics of my Sparrow outfit by the end of the year. Trust me, it's not your average halloween costume. It has cost me around 3-4 grand to make. I even had some pieces made by the costumers for the films.
S+M=O, i kno exactly where your coming from. I need a car rahter than the hand me one i got so im plaing on start like a small side saving fund.
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