August EGM article leak... SPOILERS!

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Sean Bradley

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I just stumbled across what seems to be a leak from the August EGM article on The scans that they had up as proof have been pulled down by forum ninjas, but they got permission from a mod to keep the content up.

Dual wieldable brute Shotgun called the Mauler - When single wielded, not as strong as human's shotty, but when dual wielded, just as strong.

New equipment called the flare - Temporairly blinds oppents.

Elites confirmered in Multiplayer ( Iknow obvious but now its offical)

Prowler- new brute vehicle, like a spectre but brute style.

Guardian- Spritual succesor to Lockout.

Sierra 117, acutally 5th mission in the game ( 99% typo by EGM, thanks Ad Hominum)

Online co-op still not confirmed or denied, System link and Splitscreen confirmed. Frankie stated they are working on online co-op, but if they dont get it right, it wont be in. He also added that if it does not get in, it is *possible* to add in through downloadable content, allthough that was also not confirmed incase they dont get it in. ( * Can't play as Aribiter unless you do co-op. Credit to MLG Cheehwawa)

Personal shield - New equipment, like bubble shield but lets your fire from inside the shield and kill people outside it.

Marathon on XBLA soon, magazine said it should be out now, so that means before August 7th ( Speculation)

Co-op- one person is Arbiter and other is Masterchief

GRavity hammer - Usable by player, has lunge like sword but MUCH shorter, If vehicle tries to run you over, you can hit it with hammer and send it flying, also if a granade is at your feet, hit the ground with the hammer and the shockwaves will send it bouncing away.

Regenerator- opposite of power drainer, i assumne it re charges your shields and can give you overshield ( Credit -A_F_Kontroller)

Forge- i did not read about this, but it is said by other peopel that its not a full map editor, but you can change where weapons and vechiles spawn, also can can chage amount of ammo spawned with, and spawn points of players

Hornet - confirmed to be in campaign all though not yet confirmed to be usable, but most likely. No information about it in Multiplayer

Elephant- Mobile base that can hold ATV, troops ( around a dozen)

Brutes in Campaign have invinciability power ups, also will be in muliplayer but will RARELY be seen ( Credit to MLG Cheehwawa )


This is for real... I've been trying to track down those scans. Photobucket actually shut down yesterday to remove them. A kid named 'Logan Pierce' first leaked the scans in Joystiq's forums from a friend that worked at R.R. Donnelly printing co. Digg has it listed, with links to the broken photobucket images. The scans will get reposted somewhere, I'm sure, too many people saved them. ;-)

Heres another overview of the new content:
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Oh!!! I knew it!!!!! I was right, woooooo. One person has to be the Arbiter in Co-op i knew it. CANT WAIT FOR HALO 3!!!
This is driving me nuts, I can't find these scans anywhere. They were definately up at photobucket at one point, but they're gone now.

Lots of people at have them, but no one is rehosting the images, and theres a full scale ban on giving links or clues.

-2 player, one player is MC, the other is Arbiter
-System Link supported. Online, probably not. Bungie is still working on it but it likely won't make it at launch. Bungie said they'll consider a patch to implement it if they can't do it for launch. With system Link the story is not so bad as we can use XBC to play online, but surely a supported online would be much better

-Map editor
-Does not support geometry creation, or texture modification
-Allows you to remove and place any items or vehicles or spawn points or objectives, etc... anywhere on the existing maps
-For things like weapons you can tweak their respawn timer and ammo count and other minor things
-Possibly more things, but I don't have that info right now
Forge info updated, this is cool!
-You can have multiple people work in the Forge editor over Xbox Live!
-You can also dynamically switch from creation mode to playing mode and run around as your spartan
-If you are "playing" in Forge and have other players in it, they can still change things! For instance, if you have a friend making a pyramid of fusion cores, you can turn into your player and lob a grenade in to destroy all his work!
-Make your own kind of games in forge. Bungie gives the example of grab the mongoose. One player rides a mongoose while everyone else tries to grab it out from under him by removing it in Forge! Another is like a magic carpet ride where one player will stand on a object and a forge monitor will drag it along making the player ride it through the air.
Finally Bungie talked about how you can kind of make it into a realtime strategy game where you set up "teams" where each team has a monitor creating items for his team to use.

-Only works on Sandtrap map right now
-Giant floating base which players will spawn on, have vehicles spawn on, and hold objectives such as flags.
-The Elephant is drivable by players making for moving base games

I'll look for more highlights


-UNSC flying vehicle
-Only seen in Campaign so far, but should be in MP as well
-Can carry two people and the pilot
-Can combat Banshees, but weapons specifics are not know right now

-Brute Shotgun
-Dual Wieldable
-Not as powerful as Human shotgun (its dual wieldable, duh)

Prowler (not predator):
-Brute version of Warthog
-Turret gun
-Passengers on side
-4 players on it total (1 driver 3 passengers)

Update x2

Flare Equipment:
-Blinds everyone who sees it... its a flare

Invincibility Equipment:
-Makes you temporarily invincible
-Brutes use in SP a lot
-Will be in MP, but will be rare

-Not sure about this so don't take it as full confirmation
-Equipment which regenerates players health near by (anti-energy drainer?)

Update x3

Personal Shield (retrieved from lucidgrey):
Unlike the 360 degree bubble shield, this is a stationary version of the Jackal's handheld deflector and it only protects against attacks from one direction. Stand behind the shield and fire through to hit opponents on the other side.

Gravity Hammer:
-Kind of like plasma sword
-Knocks openness and vehicles and grenades (yes grenades in mid air) back

Update x4

Single Player:
-Bungie admits the "risks of Halo 2's narratives did not work right (Arbiter stories). They claim Halo 3 won't have those problems and that while it didn't work for Halo 2, Halo 2 made for a richer story which Halo 3 will benefit from
-You play as MC the entire game. You will only play as arbiter if you are playing coop
-The Meta game scores your skill in each level. You can play the meta game in solo or in coop. You get scored for kills, who you kill, how you perform the kills and doing special things like picking up the magic skulls which will create different effects (like Halo 2). They say the skull effects stack so while you could try to play through picking up all skulls for mad points, it would probably make the game impossible. You also lose points for team killing

Update x5

-Warthog Troop Transport finally appears! We first heard of the idea for Halo 2, but it never made it into the game. Now in Halo 3 (SP at least) there will be a troop transport hog which carries more marines instead of a turret.
Possible scan from this page:

Well, looks like we were wrong about the Excavator. This picture is hard to make out, but says Mauler at the top. When compared with the renders we have, it's a match.

My God I can't wait for this game to come out.
So, who else is making a Brute character? I might just for the hell of it... they've never really been my favorite.
Dam, great find Sean. Dual wieldable shotguns just reminds of Area 51, although those suckers were pretty powerful in that game. And it's good to have the Arbiter out of the way as far as knowing whether or not you're forced to play as him in the campaign. And I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on that hammer. Whack-A-Mole anyone?
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