Austin and LA Paramount Premiere Events follow up

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Hello all! I wanted to share this letter that we received today. To thank all of you for helping to make these events HUGE successes, Paramount made a donation on behalf of the 405th of $5,000.00 US to Operation Gratitude. Operation Gratitude delivers care packages not only to those that serve but also to First Responders locally!

This is amazing! I am so grateful for our Organization and the continued support from Paramount+ in their efforts to give back to our Service Men and Women both home and abroad!
When we were first approached by Paramount+ they asked what it would take to have us appear at events. I said that we would very much appreciate things like water and a secure space to change. I also said that generally for commercial appearances (as opposed to charity appearances) we would really appreciate a donation. We discussed organizations that focus on children. However, CBS requested that because the show is more adult based and definitely military base if we could use an organization that they were already working with. I said that it wouldn't be an issue and left it to them. We never discussed amounts. I'm so pleased that they decided to to go with an organization that covers military - active and retired, their families and first responders.

They have been so pleased with all of you and how everyone conducted themselves. They continue to reach out to us. You all should be so proud of what you've accomplished. You all have my heartfelt thanks for being amazing! :love:
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