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Austin3991's 3D print builds

Discussion in 'Halo Props' started by Austin3991, Aug 19, 2017.

  1. Austin3991


    Since I'm working mostly with a 3D printer I figured it would be better to just use one thread for them. If I do not list the author they were either found on thingiverse or in The Armory.

    Printed: M9 Fragmentation grenades (M9 High-Explosive aka Frag Nades)

    In progress:
    Series 12 SOLAS Jetpack (Halo 4)

    Brute Mauler
    Carterbuilder12's Halo 4/5 combat knife
    mblackwell1002's MA5D Coalminer series
    mblackwell1002's Medkit
    mblackwell1002's Halo 5 Sniper Rifle (once it's finished)
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2017
  2. Austin3991


    Series 12 SOLA Jetpack:

    First step was taking the model and sizing it to myself. Which took me like 10 seconds to do thanks to the model already being pretty well sized to a normal human.


    2nd was slicing the model to fit my printer. That took quite some time since I wanted to make sure that the model was split in a way to allow max adhesion without having at add any keys.

    I split in in half starting with the top section and then into quarters.

    248707-91ad1f1b94dcc5c106a2f342abcdf8ed.png 248708-0aba5db3edce42aa002b9481c15ea39b.png

    Afterwards I took a good bit of time to figure out where it would be best to split the bottom half since it has the most detailed parts.

    248709-c5ee0f38f98be2f40711caf2792f3290.png 248710-2ba8529544f9d792a43bf2a441a9b79e.png

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  3. mblackwell1002


    So (lol) Both Trevor and mblackwell1002 are me (mblackwell1002). Haha.

    Anyway, I hope to finally see someone print my models. I made these things like 6 months ago, and It's nice to see someone document it. Happy printing! I look forward to some awesome prints!
  4. Austin3991


    So next step printing it. That's taken quite some time since my printer went down and I've changed filament from natural to colored. I regret making that change, but Dragon con is like a week and a half away so I'm pushing on and will just fix anything wrong with the print.

    Moving on I've just finished half of the top part of the print just due to filament use. You'll see the difference in filament that I have been using in the pics.

    This was the first print using Natural PLA which I had been having a great time with. Why did I want to change filament?!


    This is the 2nd quarter which I switched to a colored PLA.


    You can see the difference in printing with the 2 side by side. With Natural being the best quality.


    Attached Files:

  5. Austin3991


    Well that's what tend to happen when people go back and forth on names :p

    I can't thank you enough for these amazing models, man.
  6. Austin3991


    So because I hate having to print one thing at a time I am starting to prep the other prints on Cura. The first that I'm prepping is the M6D The file I'm using is Halo Blaster V2 by dan0nator
    1.PNG 2.PNG
  7. Austin3991


    Small update. The first 1/2 of the thrusters have finished printing.

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  8. Austin3991


    Another quick update I attempted to print the last 2 back sections .. and my power went out last night.


    So I switched to my 2nd half of the thrusters and ended up with this when I got home today.

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  9. Austin3991


    The print has finished I've assembled it and have started to bondo the SFC of it. I'm not gonna post pics of the bondo since we all know what it looks like.
    So 3 maybe 4 more updates until this project is finished and I start my next one! 20170823_074543.jpg 20170823_210826.jpg 20170823_210838.jpg
  10. Austin3991


    So hopefully last update before I finish sanding and start painting. Tried using spot putty and it was taking too long to build to the correct depth.... So to the body filler!

  11. mblackwell1002


    Dude! Body filler is meant to be used in much smaller quantities than that! IT will take forever to sand!
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  12. Austin3991


    For now I'm using a orbital sander to get the general shape it's going quite well I should be on the last couple of times doing this.
  13. mblackwell1002


    That's fine, but you'll lose a ton of detail. You'll be sanding away the print because you can't tell where the actual model is. Next time, I would suggest applying smaller amounts of filler.

    Check out this video for the proper way to apply Bondo for maximum detail and the best prop quality:

    The process works for 3D prints as well as it works for Pepakura. Just follow the same steps.
    TurboCharizard likes this.
  14. Austin3991


    Thanks for the video man! The main thing that I'm working on right now is just getting the curve into the main body. With the main body there is not fine detail with it it's just a hemisphere with 1 area protruding and 1 flat area on top.

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