AVP3 Predator armor unfold request (files provided)


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Hello 405th I'm no stranger' i've been with this site for a long long time. I finished a suit of master chief armor ( made of hot glue) a while back on my old account, which i now forgot :/ ...

Anyways after seeing a lack of predator files here, i rigorously searched the internet for a predator model. I luckily found a rip of the one from AVP3 (game). I have provided the original files i got and i have provided my attempts at editing them. I have separated the main armor from the body and have ripped the bio helmet and gauntlet and have edited them as well (modifying for pep construction: arm holes etc.). My request is that if all the parts can be split up, modified, and unfolded. I have tried unfolding my editing of the helmet and it came out pretty good, but alas i am unable to save i don't have the full version of pepakura. Thank you.

LINK: http://www.4shared.com/file/RJFpAmf8/AVP3_Predator_Armor.html


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hey brother i tried the link and it isnt available for some reason, but deff thank you for taking your time and making these files anyways....i hope its just an issue with 4shared and i will try again in a few hours..thank you. cheers