Aware's Odst Armor Build


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I've been looking around and reading for quite a time now and i decided to give it a try, Im gonna start with ODST Weta Landfall Pack.

So far i got 7 pieces pepped in the last 2 days, it has been a good practice on folding and using Pepakura. Here are some pictures from the models.

1- Torso ( i used the default scale and it work good for me, but i think im gonna have to cut it on 2 pieces, front and back so it fits better)


2- Main chest Plate and Middle chest Plate


3- Main Chest pad Right (Doing left side right after posting this)


4- Right Bicep ( This one has more detail and it was kinda hard to get the little pieces put together)


5- Helmet (It was ok to put together but i think im gonna re doit, wanna try Dutch ODST instead)




Well im gonna tray to get all the pieces pepped in the next couple of days and ill update this thread with new pictures.

After im happy with my pep files im gonna resin all the small pieces first then the torso and leaving the helm at the end, the helm will consume more time so im leaving it to the end. Im pretty sure all the small pieces will be a piece of cake to get them done.

Thanks to the authors of the pep models cause YOU rock! :D

Cya later and ill keep it updated as much as i can.


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Thanks guys for the reply

@SupermanExtreme1: i left the scale to default to try it on, it seemed pretty close to mine and it worked good.

@ bobbio555: the bicep piece was kinda hard to fold with all the numbers on top of each other so for the left one im gonna pint it out without numbers.

@adventSpartanMatrix: im gonna change it rite now ;)


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Aware. said:
Thanks guys for the reply

@SupermanExtreme1: i left the scale to default to try it on, it seemed pretty close to mine and it worked good.

the default which was 275mm height?

cause I have all the pages printed out at that measurement and I dunno if I should keep going

how tall are you?maybe I can get an idea.

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SupermanExtreme1 said:
the default which was 275mm height?

cause I have all the pages printed out at that measurement and I dunno if I should keep going

how tall are you?maybe I can get an idea.


Yeah, it fits pretty good and the size seems about right for me im 5,7" = 67 inches.

*edit* u can see the formula to scale the pieces from Weta pack.

71' = 100% scale

67' - your scale

so we multiply 67 x 100 = 6700. Then dive 6700 by 71 = to get the scale u gotta substract, mine was 94.36 so 23.785851 - .9436 = 22.4443 thats the new value u have to put on the scale window on every piece. Im doing mine with the default( 23.7858) cause i printed out like that an i like the fit.

heres a picture i took on photo booth the other day with the helm on.




I would take one rite now without the effect but im at my friends house rite now and the helm is at home. i took this to have fun lol.
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Hello guys so i been busy for the past couple if weeks and working on my armor when i can but now im gonna be updating my threat more often since im gonna be available for awhile now :D

So to start i finish some pieces already, did some minor bondo work on the pieces because they turned out pretty good just with the resin ( a bit shiny but thats ok)and the paint job turn out pretty good too, here are some pictures i took from the finished pieces and the ones in progress.


Here we have the knee piece finished, i got some knee and elbow guard pieces for $6 dlls pretty cheap, And put some Velcro to the bottom of the piece to hold it place.



The past few days its been raining so couldn't do any resin work on the pieces but i got some materials for the armor, also got the fabric and some padding for the pieces.


Well i think thats it, i gotta get some more pictures from the rest of the pieces and hopefully tomorrow i can fiberglass the rest if the weather is good.

Also i finished my Daftpunk helm this week, woot



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It's looking really nice so far! And you pepped SEVEN pieces in 2 days!? :eek It takes me 2 days just to do my hayabusa helmet! XD

Using knee pads were a good idea. Knowing me, I would not have thought of that and would of thought of something different! lol Nice touch and it works! :)


ah!! you must tell me where you got the buckles, straps and everything else from!

I have a few spare ones i salvaged but i dont know exatly where to get them from. Could inform of how you did the paint on the knee pad?

everything is looking nice so far


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Thanks guys for the comments ;)

@HaloGoddess: yeah i started on friday night cutting the helm pieces and trace them, then glued it all together on the morning, by sunday night i have all those pieces done. I was cutting and folding while watching tv on the background so its good lol.

@i am haji: For the paint job i used Rust-Oleum Hammered Spray Paint, and for the lighting/ battle damage i spray some paint on a brush and then apply it to the piece gently. and dont forget i primed all the pieces first and let them dry for a day or so.

And for the straps, bucles, velcro, etc.. i got them at Fabricland my sister is studyng fashion design so i ask her where could i get those and she took me to the fabric store, cool thing she has a discount card and i got most of the stuff with 50% off :lol. And i also went to the dollar store and got some straps in there, u can find really good stuff for a buck each.

Hope this helps


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@ Nakoo: Thank you for the nice complement ;)

@ i am haji : scroll down.

Ok guys here is a little update, i got the Main Right and Left pieces finished, got the fabric a couple of days ago and now they are done. Got the rest of the pieces resined and put the fiberglass inside. tomorrow ill do some bondo work and paint them. For the Middle Chest Piece i used the cap of a 2L coke to make the round thingy in the middle, painted black and hot glued to the piece.





And here are some close up pictures of the leg piece.




mc halo3

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Ohemmgee,that armor is perfect.And with doing it so fast,i congradulate you.HOORAY for AWARE.LOL,but seriosly,that is perfect.