Bait Build (MK VII / Rakshasa helm)


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First post of my build! Hoping to build up some posts to hit that submission number.
Regardless, my suit from Rogue_Workshop has arrived!
Credit goes to Rogue_Workshop for printing, assembling, and glueing all the parts together.
Tidlewavedesigns for the print files!

Going to start sanding the parts and starting from the feet up. That was an amazing tip from Sgt. Saint! With this being my first project of this medium, learning painting and sanding on the feet I'd a godsend. Given I wanted to start on the main events first!
Especially with the slow gathering of tools. So far I only have a mouse sander haha
Started sanding and priming!
Both feet, legs, and inner thigh pieces are all sanded! Some are primed but I need to wait for filler to arrive before finishing them.

The chrome makes the line shadows pop more but, by testing the blue I'm going to use on a boot cover, they disappear right back to the original look! Im really happy with how these are turning out so far.
Update #3!

Got spot putty today and am testing it out on the thighs / leg pieces! Going to sand them tomorrow and see how that goes.

Painted the boots, inner thigh plates, and knee caps! Though I'm going to need to sand some places and repaint them. Accidentally painted while it was way too humid, paint didn't exactly dry right.

And set up a temporary Velcro system to test for everything as best I could! The final build will be a mix of magnets, nylon, elastic, etc. But for now Velcro works.

And trying to size a thigh bag, along with shrink my neck seal. It's pretty big.
Loving this so far! That side pouch is almost exactly the style I've been looking for. Do you have a link to where you got it from?
Loving this so far! That side pouch is almost exactly the style I've been looking for. Do you have a link to where you got it from?
Thank you so much! And absolutely! I cut the top pouch off, cut off the straps, and glued them to the back of the pouch to create the closer look. But it's a good base! It can hold a lot of stuff too. Very good for essentials or xon snacks.

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