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I'm about 50% done building my banished spartan armour in preparation for Sydney Supanova 2024. I completely forgot about the requirement of posts to join the 405th and so I'm creating this thread retrospectively document my progress so far, and to log the future process.

I want the armor to end up looking a fair bit like Master-Chief in H4 but in a banished theme, not necessarily chief turned banished but you know what I mean.
I do find some of the design choices with halo 4 chief not to my taste so those will be tweaked with my amor later on (Namely the belt and undersuit.)
I started off with CaminusPrime's (Sorry I don't know how to link your account yet) H4 chief armor that he extremely generously sold to me, along with a few pieces of his old ODST. I used Montana gold and Montana Black paints to repaint the armor.
I Sort of winged the design as I'm more comfortable actually just trying things out, too much planning often gets too complicated and I never land on a design. I used some of Mosquitobandito's (Sorry again for no link) armor as inspiration and took the slate grey and red colour scheme with mismatched arms.
The belt was annoying to get set up because it has to hold up both the thighs and waist armors, I ended up landing on using buckles to clip the thighs into place but they've been annoying and I need a proper way to cement the straps on.
and that brings me to today, this is the current progress on the legs. In the photo I'm wearing the shins high otherwise they would fall down to my ankles. I also want to fix the spacing on the belt armors because i feel like they're too squashed
Currently I have the knees, biceps, rear all painted but not pictured. The boots are all silver just waiting for masking and paint.
Once everything is fully painted I'm going to hit it all with burnt umber and black oil paints in the crevices, and some of the more silver pieces will get weathered with yellow oils. after that its getting it all to fully sit properly and fixing up a proper undersuit, with a mk7 core piece made of eva foam and a few more details around the undersuit like the elbows and shoulders also made of thin eva.
thank you guys its great to hear that my takes a hit
I haven't made any significant progress since my last post but heres a few pics i snapped of the chest before I hit it with oil paints

This is looking great so far! Are you going to add any banished like attachments to the base armor?
This is looking great so far! Are you going to add any banished like attachments to the base armor?
I was thinking of doing that, probably some blades or pieces with exposed wiring. But I can’t land on anything concrete, I’ll probably finish the base suit and see what I can add from there
While waiting to buy some boots for the armor I've gone and done a burnt umber oil paint wash in some of the recesses of most of the armor. I did everything except for the boots (oil washes take a few days before i'm comfortable handling them) because I want to get my boot armor rigged up for a full suit up when I get my undersuit ready.
I'm still killing time until I have to work on the midsection which is going to be a Mk7 one from infinite made from foam, I'm killing time because it will take ages sheerly based off of how long every previous foam project ive undergone has taken.
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anyways here are a few images of the armors after their first wash, I'm probaby going to do a black wash with either acrylics or oils again once this all dries. I'll also get a few more photos of the other pieces once they have dried up.

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