Beat Halo 3. SPOILERS

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people said it's the most satisfying ending there could ever be? No way man... too many unanswered questions.
Shortest Halo game yet. And I'm going to have to play through again just to totally understand the story. I hope there is a book adaptation.
I had to do the end part twice because someone in my party pressed a button when the credits started, so I didn't see the total ending. Aaagh!
But yeah, it didn't really satisfy me. The ending I mean.
I tried to play with Adam. *tear*
Haha, I haven't played campaign yet, but I intend to.
It makes me sad that it's only 6 hours long.
me neither.

But I check bungie every day for the possibility of H3V (vienna or Vista though vienna will take another 5 years or so)
ending explained

At the end after activating the partial halo, you jump to a portal on the ship with chief, cortanna and arbitor. if you notice arbitor heads to the front and cheif and cortanna stay to the back of the ship. the halo fires, destroying the arc and all the flood. it then cuts to the grave where they pressume MC is dead along with Cortanna. and Arbitor etches 117 (as in Spartan John 117, the MC) on the tombstone along with the other names and such. the war is over (the war is fought between UNSC and the remaining covanant on earth while the MC, Arbitor and company head off to the arc in chase of the Prophet of Truth) UNSC won and as the ship that jumped to warp when the halo fired enters earths atmosphere its only HALF the ship. The Halo pulse closed the warp hole before the whole ship could get through. Leaving the people on earth and the Arbitor to believe they were destroyed. But (this is the scene after the credits) it shows that MC and Cortana survived the break in the ship and are left adrift in the wake of the destroyed ark. At this point Cortana informs cheif that she sent out becons on their location and that it would be awhile before someone finds them. (years even, she said) so Cheif, looking tired.. gets in a cryo champer and basically tells Cortanna to wake him when she hears something. this leaving the opening for more story to be added later. so to sum up (because im really tired and havent slept.. [beat the campaign 4 hours after getting Halo 3]) Heres the cliff notes

- MC, Cort, Arb use a partially built Halo on the outskirts of the galaxy ( where the Arc is ) to destroy the flood and the Arc
- Before Halo fires they jump through a warp hole to get back to earth
- The power of Halo firing closes the portal too soon and the ship is split in two
- The half with Arb in it returns to earth
- The half with MC and Cort stays on the outskirts of the galaxy where the Ark was
- Arb informs Earth that MC and Cort where lost in the jump (dead to his knowledge)
- Cort sends out becons to inform earth they are still alive and there position
- Cort informs cheif it will take a while for someone to find them
- MC goes in cryo chamber untill they are found.
any other questions, feel free to ask, i fully understood, and enjoyed the ending. It was very well done.
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Meh. Typical M$. That was WAY to short. Feels like the ending of Half Life 2. Unfinished. Kinda like Halo 2....
My wife and me did co-op legendary and it took about 13 hours.. I don't know what to say about the ending.. All I know is, the last part was the hardest.. My wife got some serious warthog driving skills to beat that last part.. Anyway.. It was fun!! Now its time for multi-player... Got all the armor unlocked except the last one.... I think I'm going coco.. I havent slept for 24 + hours hHolyy ;)
how do you unlock the armor for multi ? All I have acsess to is CQB and MKVI :( And for the life of me I cant save my replays, or even watch replays of multi matches...
yeah, legendary is sooooo hard. omg, i had to do it all by myself coz no one wanted to help me. for me, legendary took about...12-15 hours i think. its freakin hard. i got almost all the skuills too, just not 2. the last part was pretty cool, but im dissapointed in the game a bit. it wasnt as fun as i intended it to be. they better make a halo 4, where its the year 3000 or something and a new race is founded then yadee yadee yadda. yup.

and besides, i still need to unlock one more armor. heh, seriously, game, i give a 9.1/10 which is good, but not good enough.
i cant go to my bros house to play it cus im grounded now :( i didnt do my math HW so i guess i diserve it... but its like the ultimate punishment! hes probably playing it right now! DX oh well. im gonna ask him if i can go on friday :) wish me luck on that o_o
there were no big earth battles. I didn't feel like I was fighting for earth... i felt like I was just in another isolated covenant battle that really didn't matter.

Where was the big defense of earth battle? Where was the bombing of earth cities? Where was the feeling of imminent destruction?

Why is there so much popup in the game???
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