Berlin 19-12-2016 : terrorist attack on Chrismass Market

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From what I hear, it has already been officially declared as a terrorist attack.

My deepest sympathy and support to all those poor people affected.
To all who even consider such actions to be legit : may every single second of the remainder of you life be filled with pain and missery.

Germany, we grieve with you today.

that's such a shame. never, in my wildest dreams can I see how people could be cruel. cruel may not even be the right word, more like evil.

nobody should have to deal with destruction like that.

Kris, I'm glad you posted this thread. Never would have known otherwise.

I hope this will get people thinking about how horrible terrorism really is. get these terrorists to stop. though they are so blinded, that they may not stop. maybe this realization will spread.

However, Kris; I don't agree with what you said about 'the remainder of you life be filled with pain and misery.' I think that some people just get lost. People who can no longer figure out what is right and wrong. I DO believe that with wrong, comes punishment. some punishments worse than others. learning follows punishment.
Can ask for that any members in berlin or close go to the local blood banks and give blood no matter your type it will be needed if you can't due to medication please take bottles of water and or juice and sugar drinks to the banks to help there is gonna be a long line so it will all be needed

Germany wont be taken
There have been 3 attacks, one in Germany, Switzerland and Turkey.

My sympathy for all the affected. Stay safe.
I feel as if i say this gor every one in Australia we morne with you today and we will be their tomorrow to help pick up the pices. I hope everyone in that are stays safe. Don't be afraid because if you are afraid then they have won
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