Best Comfortable Undersuit?

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New guy here, right now size testing some of my 3D printed pieces. Using Mark VII cosplay 3D printed armor. Testing with PLA planning to use PETG for final product.

What’s the best idea for an undersuit? Should it be thin, or should it be taut enough to hold the armor in place? While I’m at it, might as well ask what clothing Halo cosplayers tend to wear to remain cool and comfortable as possible beneath all that assuming it’s a convention being visited?
So, you are going for the Infinite Style armor? The generation of Armor/Game does influence the choice for Under suit, as does the balance of accuracy and comfort.

-Several "Cosplay Zentai" websites, such as HerosTime now sell dye sublimated suits that resemble the later generation Game undersuit. These range in price from around $100 to a few hundred depending on the site's quality.
-You can buy a plain black/dark gray "Zentai or "Morphsuit" or Underarmor style gear and airbrush or even hand paint the undersuit pattern on it, attach foam pieces to it, or sculpt, cast, and attach latex detail pieces to it. The crew at the Wardrobe Armory, Spidermonkey60 and NobleofDeath16 have done great work with this method.
-Jo Anne Fabric sells a hex pattern semi stretch pattern under their "Cosplay" line that you could sew into an undersuit.

Here some good examples of making your own Undersuits:
Along with this. You can build a harness system that hides underneath your undersuit to help hold your armor pieces in a suspension rig.
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