Best FPS


  • Gears of War

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  • Halo 3

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  • Bioshock

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  • Call of Duty 4

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  • Ghost Reacon

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  • Orange Box

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  • F.E.A.R

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  • Doom 3

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  • Rainbow Six Vegas

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  • Resident Evil

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Sarge Christi

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I'm almost afraid this will be completely one-sided in favour of halo, but you never know.
Answer honestly guys.

Personally, I'm torn between COD4 and Gears.
Halo's fun, but the people who play it can seriously ruin the expierence. I get tired of catching crap from people for being a mother *bad word* girl on XBL.
I've found that more mature people play COD4 and Gears, i.e., I don't get made fun of as much, which makes them more fun to play.

I can't wait to see how this turns out. lol. :rolleyes
And you are asking this on a Halo related forum? :p

I believe the outcome is easily and clearly defined.

Call of duty 4, realistic, actually in our time period, real guns, real gernades, real factions, vehicles ecept helicopters and jets.

Probably not, but I support that game 100%. :p

I would say Halo 2, except like you, some of the morons on XBL tend to ruin the overall experience for me.

In terms of an FPS that I have to buy, there's all sorts of good ones. Battlefront II, CoD 4, Unreal Tournament, maybe some Battlefield 2142...all good stuff.

In terms of freebies...America's Army or SoldierFront.
I really like the Orange Box, mainly because you can switch between games easily, and they are all fun for me.
i voted cod4,but let me put a quick note for FEAR, thats a really good game, try play it in the dark with your headset on.....actually it had me jumping of my chair couple of times.
voted orange box, Because the half life series has always been completely awesome. And portal is hands down one of the best games ever made.
I would have voted Gears, unfortunately you put Halo 3 up there. Also, Gears isn't really a FPS, it's third person, but I liked it better than Halo 2 and it might have been better than Halo 3 except for the multiplayer really doesn't impress me. As for COD, I hate realistic war game scenerios, so that's out of the running for me.

Girls are highly underrated in the gaming community no matter where you go online. XBL and Halo attracts the idiotic and rude crowd no matter what, but most of those morons don't like being beat by a girl let alone getting beat period. I myself just play for fun and if I win great if not, I just try again. I tend to get cursed at when I fall behind at the beginning of a game and then come from behind with the win at the end. Some people don't understand that some people are better than them and some aren't, but what they don't like to except is that some of those that are better ARE girls.

Anyway, back to the subject. I know their rather new to the scene, but I do think TimeShift and Crysis should be up there as well. TimeShift's multiplayer is friggin's nuts and a completely new way to play FPS, but a couple things lacking in it is the story and difficulty. Not to say that it's easy, it just tends to drop off dramatically when you get better with the time powers in single play.
Gears was more of a fad for me, it was cool for a week and then got really, extremely boring. And as said before it isnt actually an FPS. I voted for Halo because it captivated the world.
It's kinda obvious since were in a halo 3 forum everyone will say halo 3, play some other games will ya, halo is great, but isnt the worlds greatest, there are other games better or just as good.
I think im the only one here that likes bioshock the best. That games story is so addicting and the gameplay is great too.

F.E.A.R. was good. I just couldn't finish it cause it scared the crap out of me. I actually own it too. That little girl is friggin' creepy.
Xavier said:
id have to say halo 1... but halo 3 is really really close behind.

i like halo 1 only for multiplayer but i like halo 3 for the campain
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